Passive Income Ideas for 2018 and Beyond

Passive income is generally thought of as requiring little to no continuous work to keep the income up. The goal when building a passive income stream is to have a project that requires little in the way of maintenance work to keep the income coming in. The opposite of passive income of course, is something […]

Aff Playbook Private Mastermind Group

What if you could cut your learning time in half and finally master affiliate marketing? Hey Everyone, I want to tell you about an exciting new training program I’m launching. Most of you know me from the Aff Playbook forum, but for those that don’t or who just joined, I’ll share a short bio. I […]

Free Webinar – The Perfect Niche for Your Authority Site

One of the best long term projects you can do online is creating an authority site. Authority sites are high quality websites that get a massive amount of traffic, and generate substantial income for their owners. Google loves them, traffic rolls in from social media, and people naturally link to your site from all over. […]

Aff Playbook Consulting Master Class Registration Open

If you’re a member of the forum, you already know Stefanie. She’s been a member since 2009, and posts lots of amazing stuff. One of her most popular threads is a 7 part series on becoming a freelance consultant. Now, she’s offering a 6 week consulting master class starting May 6th designed to make you […]

Aff Playbook Podcast Episode 1 – What Makes a Successful Affiliate

Here’s a presentation I did called What Makes a Successful Affiliate. It’s based on being in the industry for a long time and what I’ve seen coaching affiliates through Aff Playbook. There are certain things I see over and over with people who eventually succeed, and those who continue to struggle. Hopefully this video helps […]

The Portfolio Theory – How to Build a Million Dollar Affiliate Business

The portfolio theory is something I’ve mentioned before in webinars and forum threads to illustrate the need to diversify your business. This concept is important if you want to last as an affiliate in this day and age. When you learn to treat your business like a portfolio, you’ll have a well diversified affiliate business. […]

This is Why I Work

Yesterday Mr. Green made what I thought was a pretty good post about the work mentality of a lot of affiliates.I agree with most of what’s posted, and it’s stuff I’ve been saying for a while. All this work endless hours to be a baller, or wear as a badge of pride is pretty ridiculous. […]

Creating a Mastermind With Other Affiliates

One of the most popular posts on the forum has been the ‘Mastermind Team up Thread’. It’s a really simple idea; post your name, contact deals, and a few other items, to hook up with like minded individuals. There are some real advantages to working in a small group (notice I said small..more on this […]

How Fast Can You Type?

Ok, so this isn’t a groundbreaking post with cool code or a campaign tip but it is something that’s helped me become a lot more productive which as equaled more money. I never learned how to type correctly when I was younger. I had a computer but really did more of a hunt and peck […]

Triple Your Productivity Part 2

In case you missed it here is Part 1 of this post. Part 1 was dedicated to structuring your work day and getting more done in less time. This post is going to be a few random things I have found really help my productivity. WAKE UP! For as long as I can remember, I […]