aff playbook is changing

Aff Playbook's mission has always been to teach affiliate marketing and help people become successful. 
I originally opened APB as a forum in 2009. The forum format is good for some things, but not ideal for teaching. 

Don't worry – I'm not going anywhere. In fact, I'm taking all I've learned teaching affiliates over the last decade, and making Aff Playbook even better. 

Why is aff playbook changing?
What is it changing to?

please read for important information about your existing membership

It's important for me to explain how I came to the decision to change Aff Playbook. It will take a few minutes to read, but please do – It will help you understand how Aff Playbook offers you even more now. 


Hey everyone,

They say all good things must come to an end.

However, I've never really cared what ‘they' say, so don't worry – Aff Playbook isn't going anywhere. I AM implementing major changes though.

Before I tell you about the future of Aff Playbook, I want to explain what made me implement these changes.

As you know, Aff Playbook opened in 2009. I was the first of a new wave of affiliate marketing forums that have opened since then. I've been heavily involved in the affiliate marketing scene for well over a decade now. In that time, I've developed close relationships with affiliate networks, traffic sources, and tons of affiliates.

I didn't have a grand plan in mind when I started Aff Playbook. I just randomly one day decided to write an ebook about PPV traffic. The ebook led to the forum, and things just took off from there. I remember going to Affiliate Summit that first year, and met a student of mine who's life had changed radically since joining Aff Playbook. This was the first time someone told me that, and it really motivated me.

More people started saying similar things, and I began to realize what an impact Aff Playbook had on many people's lives and careers. On one hand, it was an amazing feeling to know I had helped someone actually change their life. On the other hand, it got me seriously thinking what my role and responsibility was if I was going to be someone that people looked to for advice.

While there has always been a small part of the affiliate marketing industry that operates in grey or blackhat methods, this was never really my thing. The CPA world in particular often pushes the boundaries of what's legal and ethical. I never looked down on people who wanted to do that kind of stuff at all, it just wasn't my thing.

Part of the reason it wasn't my thing is based on what I saw those people going through to make money.

I knew people who were making way more money than me promoting some sketchy offer cloaking Facebook/Google, etc.

I observed those people that had roughly a maximum of 2 years they could keep it going. By that point, they were so tired of the ups and down, the stress, the accounts getting banned, the threat of legal action, not knowing if a network would pay you out. No matter how successful they were, they eventually had to do something else in order to have any long term success.

People would take different paths. Some started their own traffic sources, some went into consulting, some ecommerce, etc. The point is, everyone who wants stable long term income has to think about how they can achieve that long term.

The reason I'm telling you this is because it's important to understand the direction I’m taking Aff Playbook.

Back to the story…

So, I saw all these affiliates who were burning out, and didn't really have anything to show for years of hard work. Some people made $50k/month (or more) for a while promoting something, but it was never sustainable, and at the end of a few years they really had nothing to show for it. No asset, nothing they could sell, nothing of real value.

I began thinking that I really didn't want to teach people how to just run affiliate offers. I wanted to teach people to build something of value. Something that grew the more they worked at it, and something they could grow while eventually working less or outsourcing more.

Over the years, I've been getting disillusioned with the CPA marketing scene specifically. A lot of the traffic sources, types of offers, and methods to promote them I was using began to dry up.

I saw that the affiliates who wanted to promote only CPA offers were having to do so in ways I didn't want to personally do or teach. Again, I'm not judging anyone – I just don't think it's a smart business decision. Just because I don't agree with someone's business decisions, doesn't mean I think less of them or wouldn't be friends of course.

This is when I really began focusing on developing longer term methods to do affiliate marketing, and making money online in general. I was having a lot of success with these methods, and so were my students who followed that advice.

The Forum…

The forum has been a great place to teach people and interact over the years.

The forum format however, for all its benefits, has some big downsides too.

– It's difficult to organize information
– It's difficult to search for information

There's also unfortunately a perceived value based on the date something is posted, and how active the forum is.

On one hand that makes total sense – A forum is a place for discussion so there's an expectation that things will be discussed regularly.

On the other hand, that really doesn't make sense…

For example, say I have a lesson posted in the forum in 2010. Might as well be the stone age in affiliate marketing years right? The problem I run into is that even if I keep that lesson updated with the latest information (and tell people that), 99% of people just look at it as a very outdated lesson.

That ONE thing…just a small date in the corner of a post, is enough to keep most people from using the information.

Another big issue I run into is this – how active (or not) the forum is influences how people rate the information in it.

Occasionally, I get emails from people who cancel and say it's because the forum isn't active. I'm always curious about that, so I'll ask them if they found any value in the 10+ years of lessons and case studies.

The general answer I usually get indicates people perceive the value of the case studies/lessons based on how active the forum is. Think about that for a minute…

In other words, if the forum was busy with people chatting about anything – like their favorite movie, people would rate the lessons in the forum as more valuable.

The two things aren't related, it's just the way people perceive things. It's not logical of course, but I can understand why – it's the perception that a forum should always be active.

The simple solution is to increase forum activity then, right? Not really….

Running a forum is difficult. The hard parts are trying to educate people that lessons are current/relevant and keep the discussion going.

Unfortunately, keeping the discussion going has another downside – it makes finding the good content even harder as it gets buried under endless threads asking a lot of the same questions.

In addition to that, a lot of my time gets spent answering very similar questions over and over which leaves me less time to develop new content for the forum.

A number of forum owners I know in a variety of niches have been shifting away from forums for various reasons.

Some have taken the discussion to Facebook in private groups. While I understand some of the appeal, to me this just amplifies the downsides of teaching people through a forum. Finding relevant posts in a Facebook group is even more difficult (if not impossible), and there's no way to organize content in a way people can effectively learn.

These things are important to understand the how and why I came to the decision I did, and what you get out of it.

The bottom line here is mainly 2 issues:

1. I don't think a forum is the best way to teach people, or the best way for them to learn
2. I don't think focusing only on CPA offers without building anything of longer term value is a good idea

The core of what Aff Playbook has change to a course oriented site.

So instead of browsing and reading threads in a forum, you'll be going through courses that teach you exactly what you need to know. The information will be presented in a way that's easy to find, go through, and make consistent progress.

The course format I'm changing to has numerous advantages:

– All the essential lessons and case studies will be easy to find and go through.
– People will know what courses to focus on for their particular goal.
-It will be much easier for me to keep everything up to date.
– I can organize content and tell students where to focus based on their goals.
– You'll be able to track what you've learned, and what you still need to learn.

It also frees up more of my time to develop new content and courses.

You'll still be able to ask questions and discuss affiliate marketing. Each course has a discussion section, just not a traditional forum. You'll also be able to submit campaigns or projects for feedback.

What will you learn?

The courses will continue to focus on affiliate marketing, but also on ways to expand your income and assets with other monetization methods. The courses will all focus on what I teach – a long term, stable approach to affiliate marketing.

Here are some important things about your current membership:

You can keep your current membership how it is, and you'll have access to the forum archive (in read only mode) and all the courses in the new format.

If you cancel and sign back up later, you'll only have access to the courses.
In other words, if you cancel and come back later you will not be able to access the forum. Right now, I don't have plans to offer the forum archive as part of the new signup process.

What do you get with keeping your current membership?

-Full access to all current and future courses
– Access to the discussion section for each course
– The ability to submit your work for personal feedback

New courses will be released monthly – every month a new course will be released teaching skills you can learn and apply to make money with affiliate marketing.

Monthly webinars – Every month there will be a live Q&A webinar where you can ask any questions you have, get feedback on your work, and learn a bit about what I'm working on including any tips or tricks I've learned.

Certificates Being a member of Aff Playbook has always gotten students ‘special treatment'. Things like getting into networks, private traffic sources, and extra attention.

This wasn't anything official, it's just based on my relationships in the affiliate industry and the reputation Aff Playbook has. The affiliate industry knows that students who are taught at Aff Playbook are serious about making money.

I saw an opportunity make this an even bigger benefit to my students. With the new Aff Playbook, you'll earn certificates for completing courses. These certificates can be shown to networks, traffic sources, and others in the affiliate industry. They can even be placed on your Linkedin profile.

I'm currently lining up special discounts and treatment you can get by earning certificates, so expect more news on this soon.

Will I still teach private workshops and masterminds?

Yes! I love teaching these classes, and my students in these small groups have great results.

Active Aff Playbook members you will get a special discount on premium course offerings.

To the future…

I've helped a lot of people achieve success, and I feel like I’m just getting warmed up. I hope you join me on this new journey, and take advantage of what the new Aff Playbook has to offer.

As always, feel free to contact me with any questions.

See you on the inside 🙂


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The description below is aimed at people who are new to Aff Playbook. 

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what you'll learn


Affiliate marketing can be approached in numerous ways.

Unfortunately, a lot of the information out there doesn't teach affiliates how to actually build a business.

Too many affiliates get stuck in the hamster wheel of affiliate marketing. They do great for a while, then it dries up, and they start over from scratch again and again. To make things even worse – they usually employ methods that don't build anything of actual value.

I made the decision that I wanted to teach affiliate marketing methods that didn't focus on promoting ‘sketchy' programs, or doing ‘blackhat' methods. I teach methods that produce stable income, and grow as time goes on. You don't want to be the person who puts in lots of hard work, but has nothing to show for it at the end of the day. Affiliates are notorious for being middlemen who produce nothing of value, but it doesn't have to be that way. You can make big money while also building real assets that generate revenue for years to come.

Aff Playbook courses teach you how to do affiliate marketing as a long term business that keeps growing

You'll learn how to build websites and monetize them, how to select affiliates offers and niches, how to use paid traffic to your advantage, how to build and much more.

You won't just learn ONE thing…

A smart affiliate marketer focuses on building multiple streams of income. I'll teach you how to do this, and avoid putting all your eggs in one baset.

I focus on creating systems that you can learn, implement, and make your own. You'll find content and strategies with specific steps to follow. I don't waste time on ‘fluff'.

There are so many great ways to do affiliate marketing. Some people focus only on affiliate marketing, some use affiliate marketing as just a part of their business.

Aff Playbook will help you figure out where to start, or how to incorporate affiliate marketing in your existing business.

who is this program for?

Whether you're just starting out or you're already a seasoned affiliate marketer, Aff Playbook has you covered.

If you have no experience, you'll learn where to start and gain the key skills you need to build your business for long-term success. We can help you along your journey from newbie to as far as you want to go.

More experienced marketers will gain insight from our case studies. That's where we set aside the theoretical and showcase real-world examples so you can see what's worked, what hasn't, and how we turn little wins into big paydays.

Your membership includes

  • In depth lessons

    Specific lessons based on affiliate marketing techniques that work. Work at your own pace and get support when you need it. You'll learn how to find affiliate offers to promote, how to drive drive traffic to them, and how to build multiple streams of income.

  • New Courses Every Month

    New courses released every month! Each month you'll get access to a brand new course full of actionable steps to use in your business. You'll always be learning something new that's working right now. That's important, because affiliate marketing changes all the time. If you don't have up to date information, it's seriously limiting your potential.

  • Monthly webinars

    Join me for live webinars where I answer questions, help with your projects, and share the latest tips and tricks. This is an unparalleled opportunity to get direct access to me. If you want to succeed, this is your chance to get expert coaching.

  • Certificates

    Earn certificates by completing courses. Certificates can help you get into affiliate networks, and be used on Linkedin.


From 2009-2019, it was one of the most respected affiliate marketing forums around. In 2019, I decided to switch things up. Why?

I'm obsessed with figuring out how to make affiliates successful.

When a student tells me they've made enough money to quit their job or buy a new house or pay their kid's tuition, it makes my MONTH. I know how good that feels, and I love knowing I've helped somebody else get that.

I've spent a lot of time studying content delivery and figuring out how best to help my students – and it's become very clear that online courses are superior to traditional web forums. Forums are hard to organize, full of duplicate questions, and the most valuable content gets buried far too easily.

With the new format, I can present better organized content, and more of it. Instead of answering repeat questions and helping people find valuable older threads, I can devote more time to all-new case studies, lessons, and webinars.

All the important case studies and lessons from the forum have been converted to this course format and updated – and since every course has a discussion section, you can still ask questions any time you need to.

1. Everything I teach is something I've personally done and had success with.
2. I do everything in my power to help students succeed.
3. I teach skills and techniques that work for years and build over time. This isn't about hiding from advertisers and skirting the rules with ad networks. It's about building real skills and real assets that just get better and better over time.

First, everything I teach is something I've personally done and had success with. I've spent nearly half my life (yikes!) building my online marketing business and skills. The bottom line is that I only teach things I personally know are working.

Second, my students have a high success rate because I do anything in my power to help them succeed. I love helping people become successful – it's like an awesome video game where I beat the final boss and win!

I can't guarantee anyone's success of course. What I can tell you is that if you apply the material, put in consistent effort, and ask for feedback as you go, the chances are very good you will find success. I don't base that on some vague idea – this is

Besides the cost of the program, there is very little you need to spend money on to get started. This depends on what you want to do of course. If you want to do paid traffic like Google Ads for example, you would need a budget to buy the traffic.
For most people starting out, the costs are just a domain name and a web host – somewhere in the range of $5-$10/month.

The million dollar question right? The honest answer isn't a simple yes or no. Everyone's situation is different.

I've been teaching affiliates for more than a decade now, and I typically see two kinds of students:

1. These students go through a few courses, put in a little effort, then get frustrated when they're not diving into their own private money bins after a month or two. A few of them stick it out long enough to get over the hump, but most move on to the next shiny object.

2. These are the moneymakers, and I can usually spot them right away. They're the ones who finish the courses, apply consistent effort, and ask for help so they can correct course as they go. Whether their goal is to make a little extra spending money or earn a good living, these students nearly always succeed eventually. The actual time it takes depends on their skillset, free time, and goals – but they get there.

This is one of the best things about doing affiliate marketing – you can do as little or as much as you want. I have students who do it on a very part time basis to make extra money. I have other students who do this as a full time job. The #1 factor in your success isn't how many hours per day you put in, it's how consistent you are over the long run.


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