One of the most popular posts on the forum has been the ‘Mastermind Team up Thread'. It's a really simple idea; post your name, contact deals, and a few other items, to hook up with like minded individuals.

There are some real advantages to working in a small group (notice I said small..more on this later).

  • If you team up with someone – you both have ideas that each other has tested. So and so offer worked great on this traffic source, this landing page did well for this niche, etc. It's almost like doubling your testing budget and ability.
  • You can each bring skills to the table. One person might be great at coding but not so well at keyword research. One person might be a great designer, but lack skills in another area. These team ups work great, because each party brings a unique skill to the partnership.
  • You can help each other take action. When you have someone else waiting on you to finish a task, or they are putting in more work than you, it can really force you to stop procrastinating.

It's best to work with 1-3 people. Any more than this and things seems to start falling apart. I'm not saying it can't work…it's just usually what happens. When a group is too large, there is usually a few people who just sit back and learn or listen, while the others are busy working. When you are working with just one other individual, there's really no room for doing that.

There are a few good places to meet other affiliates, and this is something you should actively be doing.

  • Shows like Affiliate Summit or adtech
  • Forums
  • Various meetups around the country and international

You will be surprised what opportunities come your way the more people you meet, and more connections you make. I've known several people who partnered with someone or formed a small group, and increased their income substantially. I would highly encourage every affiliate to create some small mastermind groups and see how much faster they progress.