You would probably laugh if you saw some of my campaigns. They are ridiculously simple and easy. New members of the forum are really surprised to hear this. Most new affiliates make things way harder than they need to be. I'm not the only one having success by marketing this way, I see people all the time that are making a lot of money with nothing fancy at all.

New affiliates like to have everything lined up perfectly. They have tracking all set, very professional landing pages, meticulously researched targets, and hours of planning. While some of those things have importance, they often take so much time that campaigns never get launched.

Below is my plan for being a sloppy (yet fast and profitable) affiliate. This is based not only on what has worked for myself, but others I talk to or work with. This is for launching PPV campaigns but could be adapted for any traffic source.

Pick Offers Quick

It's best focus on one niche. Having said that, I do still have luck testing random offers. One thing I like to do is pick an offer payout I want to work with (usually in the $2-12 range) and just run every offer I can find that fits that one criteria. I've found some really good campaigns doing this actually, and some with little to no competition.

I really don't do anything more than just pick an offer in that payout range.

Grab Targets

Search Google for a couple keywords closely related to your offer and grab the URL's from all the organic and paid results (if they are relevant). This is a quick way to get 30-50 initial targets. Even if you do this by hand, it should only take 10-15 min.

Slap Together a Landing Page

I just talked about this here

1460 New Campaigns Per Year

Once you get this process down, you should be able to do a campaign in about 15 min or less. Think about this for a minute; set aside 1 hour per day to build new campaigns. 1 hour a day is nothing…even if you have a full time job it could be as simple as getting up a little early, or doing this on your lunch break.

If you can build a campaign in 15 min, then in an hour you should be able to build 4. If you built 4 campaigns every day,  you would have built 120 campaigns per month. Say just 10% of those worked out and each earned a measly $200 a month (that's just $6 per campaign per day). That's and extra $2400 a month, or  for an hour a day's work.

Over a year, you would have built 1460 campaigns. Applying the formula from above, you can see how this really ads up.  You don't always need to have that one giant campaign to make great money.

Now, I'll be the first to admit that calculations about campaigns like this aren't always really accurate. Things happen, and individual marketers abilities come into play. My point with this wasn't to show you some surefire way to see how much you would make based on how many campaigns you built, but to show you how powerful just setting aside an hour a day to build campaigns is.

This is a lot harder than it sounds. In the forum we did a 30 day challenge where people posted their results. It was really interesting to see who finished and who didn't and why. I'm sure you can guess the results of the people that did finish. Even if they didn't have profitable campaigns they were SO much farther ahead of where they started.

So, if you are constantly searching for the latest info, technique, trick, etc. that's cool…but the people that are basically just putting one foot in front of the other every day building campaigns even when it's really boring are going to out earn you by a lot even if you know all the latest tricks.