Ok, so this isn't a groundbreaking post with cool code or a campaign tip but it is something that's helped me become a lot more productive which as equaled more money.

I never learned how to type correctly when I was younger. I had a computer but really did more of a hunt and peck style. I spent so many years doing that I could type at a decent speed but my accuracy kinda sucked and there was no way I could increase my speed with my technique.

Earlier this year I got this product called typing master http://www.typingmaster.com/
To once and for all learn how to type correctly. It really sucked at first because I could type like 45 wpm with my hunt and peck style but only about 25 wpm the ‘correct' way. My fingers also had to relearn what keys they were really supposed to type and not just what I had been doing.

It was a frustrating month or so, but after I went through the course I forced myself to type the correct way in chat, email, forum posts, etc. Pretty soon, I noticed a definite increase in speed and accuracy. An added bonus is that I can type in the dark (like I am right now) and not need to look at the keyboard. I'm not as fast as I would like to be but on a good day I can hit about 70 wpm.

I can say without a doubt, improving my typing speed has made me more productive. I can answer emails, chat, write blog and forum posts, etc. way more efficient than I could before. So, if you suck at typing I think it's definitely worth working on.

You can test your speed at http://www.typingtest.com/ let me know what you guys get!