One of the best long term projects you can do online is creating an authority site. Authority sites are high quality websites that get a massive amount of traffic, and generate substantial income for their owners. Google loves them, traffic rolls in from social media, and people naturally link to your site from all over.

You probably already know that building an authority site is one of the best ways to create a substantial long-term income online while also creating an asset you can sell at a later time, if you choose.

So why on earth haven’t you built an authority site yet??

It sounds so simple, right? You pick a topic you like, build a site with quality content, and once you get some traction, it practically promotes itself.

In truth, though, building authority sites is like the New Year’s resolution of online business. Everybody talks about doing it. Everybody wants the rewards. But almost no one follows through. Some people don’t know where to start, and even more get off track in the early phases, and end up abandoning what could be a very successful site.

What usually happens is that you get excited. You have a million ideas, and after some research, you settle on one and buy a domain. Maybe you even get some content up – but somewhere between here and actually having a successful authority site, you lose steam or aren't sure what to do next. Maybe it’s the pathetic visitor count in Analytics. Maybe you can’t even figure out where to start. Maybe you get started and immediately begin to have doubts about whether it will ever make money.

Join me for a webinar all about choosing the best niche for your authority site. In the webinar we'll show you…

  • What exactly is an authority site
  • Examples of real life authority sites
  • Whats important in a niche
  • Where to get niche ideas
  • Testing your idea to make sure there's interest in the niche

We'll also be walking you through the complete process of evaluating your niche ideas.

The webinar will be Wednesday April 8th at 6pm Pacific time. You can register for this free webinar here. Hope to see you there!