Yesterday Mr. Green made what I thought was a pretty good post about the work mentality of a lot of affiliates.I agree with most of what's posted, and it's stuff I've been saying for a while.

All this work endless hours to be a baller, or wear as a badge of pride is pretty ridiculous.

I'll be blunt – the idea of  working all day and night is a poor persons way of thinking. Yes, there are times when you might have to work long hours but it certainly isn't something to aim for or aspire to. The idea is to make your knowledge work for you. If you need to work endless hours to keep up or grow your income, you're doing it wrong.

The whole reason to have your own business is to work LESS and do MORE fun things. Some people do love to just work and that's fine I guess, but I think a lot of newer affiliates think they need to be grinding and hustling to make good money in this industry which is just not true.

Some people actually use work as an escape;

‘oh I can't take that trip because I have to work more'

‘I'll hang out with friends another time because I need to hustle'

Some people use work to form an identity;

‘Man, wait until I tell people I worked 15 hours yesterday'

‘I'm the guy everyone knows as the hardest worker'

Reality check …

If you are constantly chasing money, you will never have enough. No, it's never just ‘I'll work until I have this much money and then do things'. I've never seen anyone actually say ‘Ok I have enough money now…time for the rest of my life'. If you think like that, you're a dog chasing it's tail; you'll think you are getting closer to your goal, but you will never get there.

Also…nobody really cares how many hours you worked and nobody really cares how much money you have (if they do, you need to find new people to associate with).

Ok, so the point of all this?

The point of this post is to tell you what I ‘work' for. My main goals are financial freedom and the ability to work when I want and take time off when I want. Now, of course I have to work some times I don't want to; that's true of any business. But one of my goals has always been to have a flexible schedule.

I don't work 15 hours a day. No matter what anyone tells you, it's not possible to be productive for that many hours. I could post links to studies, etc. but I don't think I really need to do I? Yes, many people work that many hours and might feel like they are productive but they don't realize just how much time they are wasting.

This again, is a poor persons way of thinking. I want to work SMARTER not harder. I want to find ways to make my money work for me, not work for my money. I want to use my brain to come up with businesses I don't have to work all day and night  (doing that at first is one thing. Remember, we are talking about the ultimate goal).

I don't try to impress people with how much I work…If anything I try to impress them with how little I work. What sounds more impressive; telling someone you worked 24 hours straight, or telling someone you worked for a couple hours the whole time you were on some great vacation for a week?

So, with that in mind let me tell you some of the things I've done in the last year. What's funny is that none of these things were that expensive, but they were super fun. They also motivated me to work a lot harder smarter so I could have more time and money to do more of it.

So what do I like to do instead of slaving away behind the computer?

I took a hang gliding lesson. A little scary but so cool!

Tried indoor skydiving. I doubt I would ever do the real thing though!

Fostered a few litters of kittens. My other cats helped too…

Went to a comic convention…

Went to New England in the fall…

Took a contortion class at a circus school. I don't have pics of this one thankfully!

Did some spelunking…

Practiced my yo-yo skills, and of course went to the national yo yo museum…

Swam with Beluga whales…

And some other random fun.

The point I wanted to get across is that you need to have an idea of what you're working towards. If you want to work a lot of hours that's cool, and there are definitely times I have to put in a  lot of hours.

I don't really take pride in working harder…I take pride in working smarter. Start trying to figure out how you can make more money with less work, and get out to live your life. Time goes by fast and at some point you will care less about how many hours you worked, and more about what experiences you had.