PPV On A Budget

A few people have asked me how to get started with PPV if your working with a small budget. Traffic Vance has a minimum $1k depost, and Media Traffic is $200…both of which might seem a little steep for someone starting out. So what is an aspiring PPV’er to do? Start with the smaller up …

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Spy On Your PPV Competiton

Ok, so this technique isn’t new or a secret by any means but I was talking to some affiliates who were wondering how to find out what other people are promoting with PPV. The answer is really simple – simply install the software the PPV traffic source uses to serve their ads. For example: Traffic …

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New PPV Traffic Source

More and more PPV traffic sources have been popping up all over the place and I think we will see this trend continue. One of the cool things is that a lot of people don’t find out about these traffic sources for a while. I am going to share one so new I haven’t even …

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