It seems like more and more people are talking about PPV traffic (or CPV/contextual if you want to call it that) every day. I expect this trend to continue as more people get banned from AdWords and affiliates keep looking for traffic sources to move into.

Most of the talk about PPV traffic focuses around sending the traffic to a CPA offer through a landing page or direct linking. I do this, it's great, and you can make a lot of money this way…but that is not the best use for this type of traffic. The real power of PPV traffic is using it to build an email list. Let's think about this for a second…you can get visitors for as low as $0.01 per click and either 1) send them to an affiliate offer hoping they convert and losing the chance to market to them again or 2) collect their email list and market to them over and over. Which sounds better to you? I'm not saying you shouldn't do straight traffic to a landing page/direct link…that can work really good..but if you really want to make a lot of money, building an email list is the way to go. You can literally get thousands and thousands of subscribers in a few days with minimal cost.

In a future post in this series I am going to get into the technical aspect of  setting this all up. In this post I wanted to give you a few things to think about to help you build your lists.

What niches does this work well for?

This can work well in almost any niche. The key is that you need to separate your lists for different demographics. Don't just have one email form you use for all your campaigns. Set up different email lists for each niche or offer you run and you can better target what other offers you send to that list. One of the most popular niches to collect an email list in is the ‘work from home' niche. If you do any kind of spying on your competition you will see this all over the place. One of the reasons this works so well is that people who buy internet marketing products usually don't just buy one thing. That's a great opportunity to sell them lots of products. Some other niches this can work well for are:

  • Any type of loan/hardship niche
  • Dating
  • Health
  • Products that are specific to a certain demographic

Basically any niche you can think of where people are likely to buy multiple products or always have the need for some type of services (ie people who always need cash, loans, etc). I would stay away from Zip/Email submits for PPV traffic all together. Yes, they can convert ok but the low payouts and scrubbing makes them a real pain. The real money is in higher payout offers and building your list.

How do I get people to sign up for my list?

This is an important question to think about. Just because you have an opt-in form on your landing page doesn't mean you are going to collect an email address from every person who visits it. The trick is to offer them something for ‘free' in exchange for their email. This could be a simple report your wrote, etc. This is how I would do it:

If I was promoting a work at home product I might offer them something like “Learn the 10 bets and worst ways to make money from home. Download my free report”. You could do better than that obviously, but that should give you some ideas. Once you give them your report, your auto responder would follow that up with related offers. More on that later in this series.

For now, start making a list of some niches you think could work well for collecting an opt-in email list, and what you could offer those people in exchange for their email. In the next post in this series I am going to get into the more technical aspects of setting this up.