Spy On Your PPV Competiton

Ok, so this technique isn't new or a secret by any means but I was talking to some affiliates who were wondering how to find out what other people are promoting with PPV.

The answer is really simple – simply install the software the PPV traffic source uses to serve their ads. For example:

Traffic Vance serves ads to people who have installed their Game Vance software

Media Traffic gets their traffic from people who have installed their Vomba Screensavers

So what you would do is install one of the above software and then start visiting URL's you are targeting or URL's that you see a lot of competition on. You will get served the ads that are targeting those URL's. Easy right? I would do this one at a time (install one software, then completely uninstall it before installing the other) so you know where the ad came from.

One note – I would recommend doing this on a computer that's not your main computer. You can remove these programs, but sometimes it can be tricky so it's best not to do it on your main work PC.

This is a great technique to see what your competition is up to. It also helps to understand what software people are installing to get served these ads. For example, if we can figure out the demographic of people who install Game Vance, we have a lot better chance at picking successful offers to run.

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