A few people have asked me how to get started with PPV if your working with a small budget. Traffic Vance has a minimum $1k depost, and Media Traffic is $200…both of which might seem a little steep for someone starting out.

So what is an aspiring PPV'er to do? Start with the smaller up and coming networks. Now these networks don't convert quite as well and they don't always have as much traffic as the big boys but I can still turn a nice ROI. These networks would be a great place to get your feet wet and test out some techniques before investing in larger account deposits.

A couple networks that would be great to start out on are:

Direct CPV

Addon Network

They have low deposit minimums, and enough traffic that you can start to see some positive returns. Once you feel more comfortable running PPV campaigns, I would definitley invest in some of the larger networks where there is more traffic.