I got the idea for this post by reading CDF Networks blog. Chad did some really cool tests where he tested and rated a bunch of PPC networks. I haven't seen anyone do this for PPV networks so I thought I would do one.

The test:

I ran 4 offers on each of these networks. Actually it was 2 separate offers but one campaign used a landing page, and one direct linked. I promoted pretty basic lead generation offers. I kept all the URL/keyword targets the same, and tried to be in the same as position on each network. For the sake of simplicity I am calling these ‘PPV networks' even though that's not the technically correct term for some of them. Basically, they are all serving ads in the form of a pop-up or pop-under window.


For scoring, I used traffic volume, conversion rate,  and click/impression pricing broken down like this:

So basically a perfect score would be 30.

Here are the results:

PPV Networks


The overall winner was Traffic Vance which won't come as a surprise to most of you. Megaclick has a lot of traffic but it was very expensive.

Conversion Rate:

Both Traffic Vance and Media Traffic had a high conversion rate. The one thing missing from Media Traffic is more volume.


Might be worth a small test:

Stay away:

I want to stress that different PPV/CPV networks can perform better/worse for different offers. Your results could vary based on the offers you promote.