Your Affiliate Manager Might Suck If…

There are some great affiliate managers, some bad affiliate managers and a whole bunch in between. As funny as some of these are, this post is a collection of real stories that have happened to me, or someone I know when dealing with affiliate mangers.

Your affiliate manager might suck if…

1. You hear the toilet flush when talking to them on the phone

Yeah, this happened. Imagine the conversation going something like this.

Affiliate manager: “Yeah, this offer is doing pretty well and……….”
Me: “Sorry, what? I couldn't hear you over the toilet flushing.”

2. They light up over Skype calls

This happened to a friend of mine, then I was telling someone else the story and it happened to someone they knew too (same affiliate manger). Now, I'm open minded but that's probably not the most professional thing, especially when you don't know the person.

3. They send you 10 funny videos but can't place your pixel

I know a few like this actually. You chat, share a few laughs and they are really good about getting back to you…until you ask them to do something like place a pixel, and the disappear for a day.

4. They try to take you away from another AM

Recently, I messaged an AM I used to work with a few years ago to see where they were working now. They told me the network and I said ‘Oh cool, I didn't know that. I work with you guys already and so and so is my AM'. A couple hours later I get a message from my AM at that network (who I had worked with for a long time) if she did something wrong and why I asked to be switched to this other guy.

Well, I definitely hadn't asked to switch but apparently this old AM of mine took it upon himself to go to the head of the company and say that I wanted to switch to him because we used to work together. I sent an email to the head of the company explaining that this guy was a giant douche.

5. They try to bring you into their MLM business

I know someone who's AM was always trying to recruit him into their offline AM business..eek.

6. They tell you about someone's campaign

If they're telling you about others, they're telling others about your campaigns too. . This does happen, so be careful what you share.

7. They flirt with you when you are making money, but stop the minute you aren't

It's great when a cute girl flirts with you..until you realize she only likes you for your conversions. This story is really common but a  lot of affiliates still fall for it.

8. Don't tell you when an offer is paused

This sucks…I've dropped networks when an AM slacks on this. When you have traffic running to an offer you have to get notified asap when it gets paused, and get credited if you weren't told in a reasonable amount of time.

I would love to hear some more stories if anyone has them so feel free to share in the comments!

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