To Fail or Not to Fail?

A couple years back (wow has it been that long!?) I wrote a post about failure. The basic idea of that post was that you have to fail a lot to succeed. Since then, my thinking has changed a little. Instead of thinking of things as ‘failures’, I’ve started to simply think of them in …

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The Power of Social Proof

People are followers. You probably are too in some ways (Don’t worry, everyone is to some degree). This fact is actually a very powerful tool in marketing. If you can convince people that everyone else likes what you’re promoting, you stand a good chance of increasing your conversion rates (sometimes dramatically). The idea is called …

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Master Tax Offers NOW

Tax season is pretty huge for affiliates. I’ve met several who only work during tax season, then take the rest of the year off. Yes, there’s that much to be made on these offers. The affiliates who are really doing well with these offers, know them inside and out. They don’t just grab an affiliate …

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