Build 3 Converting PPV Landing Pages in 20 min

Most people are spending way to much time building their landing pages.  It's tough for people to accept that really ugly, sloppy landing pages work great! With that in mind, here are 3 simple ways to build high converting landing pages for PPV traffic fast.

1. The screenshot method

This is something I have been using for years. First with PPC traffic until quality score issues killed it, then with PPV traffic. Here's what you do:

Using Jing or the Windows snipping tool take a screenshot of the offer page. Using Photoshop, Gimp, or any graphics editing program white out any area that has the lead form (place asking for personal data). Replace this with some bullet points and a big ‘CLICK HERE' link. Save it as one image and link the entire thing.

  • Save

Doing that would result in something that looks like this

  • Save

Some people ask why you would put this type of landing page instead of just direct linking. My answer is that it's an easier way to get the user to start clicking and engage. If you send them straight to the offer page with the form they might think ‘eh..I don't really feel like filling out a form right now' whereas if you present them with a landing page like the one above, all they need to do is click to get more info. Once you get them to click, they are already interacting with your site and it's easier to convert.

2. The Banner Method

Take a banner from your affiliate network (you can find these in the creatives area usually), slap it into an HTML page, link it and you're done. I like using the 300×250 size, but experiment with different sizes and see what works for you. Using a 300×250 banner my LP would just look like this

Sounds simple but I had a really big campaign running not too long ago using this method, so it does work.

3. The 1 image, bullet point, call to action method

Just like it sounds, you create a simple LP using any HTML editor. It would look something like this:

  • Save
  • Save

I like this type of layout with the pic on the left, bullet points and call to action on the right. You can see I added some geo targeting and timestamp scripts to make the page a little more personal.

I know these pages seem really basic, but sometimes basic is best. You should be able to build these 3 pages in less than 20 min. You don't have to build 3 for every camapaign. Eventually you will get a feel for what works best with your niche and expand from there. Let me know if you have any questions about these methods!

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