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Squeeze More $$$ Out of Each Visitor With Modal Alerts and PopUnders

The use of  exit pops and modal alerts can dramatically increase your revenue per visitor if used right. These are good extras you can add to your LP’s to engage the visitor when they first arrive on, or exit your page. These aren’t allowed on all traffic sources, so make sure it’s allowed before using …

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5 Minute Landing Pages

In a previous post, I talked about building 3 landing pages in 20 min. That post was specifically about PPV traffic, but those types of landing pages can be used on a variety of traffic sources. Most of you know, I like to keep things really simple with landing pages. I find that perform the …

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You Have to SEE These Results

In the previous post I asked everyone to vote which call to action generated the highest CTR. Here are the results from the poll… Turns out most people got this one wrong! Here are the actual results: 1. Click here to get your free report – 1.4% 2. See your credit report here – 2.7% …

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Ultimate Free Landing Page Tools

I wanted to share some good tools (many of them free) for building landing pages. First, you need an image editor. Photoshop is great but it also expensive and can be overkill for what you actually need to do. Instead try these free alternatives: Image Editors/ Photoshop Alternatives Pixlr Gimp Aviary Paint Next you’ll need …

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The 100% CTR Trick

What if I told you there was this new way to run campaigns…one that was easier, faster, had a great chance for success, and guaranteed every visitor saw your offer page? No, I’m not coming out with a new course called but direct linking needs a second look. Like most traffic sources, niches, techniques, …

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