Vote! What Words Get the Best CTR?

Everyone talks a lot about what pictures get the best CTR, but I want to show you what a difference the words on your page can make.

I've noticed a significant change in CTR depending on what words I use in the call to action. Just changing words around that can mean the same thing (ie ‘see' and ‘view') can improve or worsen CTR.

I'm going to run a test to see what words in the call to action generate the best CTR. The landing page I'm using is this (shrunk in size for this post)

I will be rotating 4 variations of this. Everything will remain the same except the call to action.The CTA's I will be testing are:

1. Click here to get your free report
2. See your credit report here
3. View your online credit score
4. Get instant access to your credit score

In the next post I will reveal the CTR for each and also give some tips on what words work best based on a lot of testing I've done.

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