ASE Party Pics

ASE 2011 is over and it was a great event! We had a full mastermind session where myself, Adam, Stefanie, and Robert from CPV Lab presented case studies and traffic strategies. We got some great feedback, which is always nice to hear.

Adam's presentation was great!

Stefanie gave some really good inside information about the advertiser side of things.

Me presenting..

Robert showed a very cool case study that everyone was interested in.

After the mastermind, it was time to party. We had some NY pizza delivered and plenty of drinks ready. The limo started bringing people over from the Hilton around 7pm and it wasn't too long until we had a good sized crowd.

Apparently Corey couldn't get enough of the pizza..

Adam, Hung, Chris, and Sam from CPV Lab

A big thanks to Lee for taking all the great pics!

The night went so quick, I didn't get a chance to talk to everyone as much as I wanted. Next time it will have to be longer.

Thanks to everyone who came! I got to see old friends, and meet some new ones for the first time. Hope to see everyone at the next one!



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