Profitable Keywords for Your PPV Campaigns

In PPV campaigns, most people focus on urls. This is good because url's are highly targeted, and can convert well. Keywords on the other hand often get left out of campaigns because people don't think they convert well. Hopefully this blog post will change that.

Here are some ways you can make the most out of keywords in your PPV campaigns

The simple approach

You can make keywords out of the url's you are bidding on. For example; if the url I was bidding on was (just an example) I could break this out into a few keywords like this;

auto insurance

From that one target we now have 2 more keywords to bid on.

Hot Keywords

I was talking about using PPV with hot trends in the forum and one of our knowledgeable members shared this site

It's an aggregator of some trending keyword sites. These are great because you can often find keywords that have little competition. You do have to get creative targeting these with offers because not all of these are going to be an easy match to an offer.

There is actually a LOT you can do with trends.

Good Old Fashioned Keyword Research

Head on over to the Google keyword tool and start some research. This tool is probably the best overall to see search volume (for our purposes). You could do a couple things here;

– Search for relevant keywords for your offer. Look at the search volume and also what you think would be a relevant keyword to your niche.

– Use the tool to find related keywords that you might not have thought of. It's tough to know all the potential keywords for a niche so use the Google keywords tool to spark new ideas.

One note about keywords – generally the shorter phrases will work better. Don't go after super long tail keywords. Normally 1-3 word keywords perform best, so think broad.

You might be surprised how well keywords work. Give them a shot in your next campaign!