PPV Landing Page Secrets

Ok no secrets really but now that I have your attention…

I get a lot of questions about landing pages for PPV/CPV traffic. I hate telling people ‘just test' but sometimes that's the best approach. There are various types of pages that can work but the main idea is you want to keep things simple and grab the viewers attention.

Think about how these people are being served ad's; They are surfing along visiting websites, and up pop's and advertisement. This isn't something they were actively seeking out so you need to offer them something that is really going to draw their interest.

Forget about a lot of text, forget about trying to ‘sell' too much…you want to shock the viewer into clicking on your ad.

A common theme I like to use is a really attention grabbing picture. Say I was going to promote an auto insurance offer; I might find a picture of a crazy looking guy/girl saying something like “He saved $xxx on car insurance..why haven't you?”.

The most common ‘problem' I see with most landing pages is people are trying to be too…relevant for lack of a better word. I see a lot of landing pages like:

Want to save on car insurance?

<pic of car>

Click here

Now…would that make you want to click or something more like:

How does HE only pay $xx a month for car insurance!?

<pic of the weirdest looking guy you can find>


See what I'm getting at here? Stop trying to make these nice polite landing pages and really start having some fun with it.

Update on the Affiliate Summit PPV/CPV mastermind session

Justin Dupre is going to be joining me and sharing some of his own tips, strategies, and insights. It's going to be a great event and we still have a few spots left so let me know if your interested.

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