I know what you did last ASW

Affiliate Summit is over and I am tired! We had a great time but it feels good to get home and back to work.

Affiliate Summit

This was our suite at The Palms Place:

The view at night was great but the pics were a little blurry (time to upgrade the camera!)

I didn't have too much time at the meet market because I had to leave to meet Justin Dupre and get ready for the PPV Mastermind session. We met everyone down at the Rojo Bar in the lobby and then went upstairs to the suite to start the session. We had a bigger group than originally planned but it was great because there were a number of experienced marketers there which lead to a good discussion. We talked a lot about targeting PPV traffic, landing pages, and Justin gave some great advice on cloaking. We also talked in depth about the best ways to monetize PPV traffic which were not just driving traffic to CPA offers.

The next day I walked around the floor talking to networks and other affiliates. I was so busy I forgot to pull out my camera!

A lot of people recognized me from ‘PPVPlaybook.com' written on my badge so it was cool to talk to some readers of my blog and forum. I also got a lot of questions from networks with affiliates are looking for traffic sources outside of Google and media buys.

Affiliate Marketing in 2010

I kept hearing the same things from virtually every network I talked to; most networks are going to be moving away or trying to distance themselves from rebills and focus more on lead generation offers. This is fine with me because I run lead offers almost exclusively. It will be nice to have more offers to choose from but we are going to see a lot more competition in that sector this year.

Most networks I spoke to also expressed the desire to work with a smaller numbers of affiliates who can actually drive leads and traffic as opposed to a larger number of new publishers. I think this year networks are going to get even stricter with letting new affiliates in their network. I was able to make some deals with a couple networks so that the affiliates I coach can get into their network. Mostly the networks just want to focus on experienced affiliates because they usually take the least amount of time as far as support goes.

The best part of ASW was getting to meet people in person who you usually only speak to over the computer/phone. It's amazing how much information people are willing to share. It seemed like everyone was more than eager to ‘dish the dirt' so I picked up some great tips.

Anyway, it was great meeting everyone!