PPV Campaign Frequency Caps

One of the things I get asked about a lot is setting frequency caps in PPV campaigns. This is one thing that's kind of specific to PPV and different from PPC campaigns. Frequency caps mean that you control how often your ad is shown to the same user. Depending on what network you are running on, you can set your frequency caps to anywhere from 1/12 (show your ad to an individual once every 12 hours) to 1/month+

With PPC traffic you have new visitors coming in every day, searching for keywords. With PPV traffic, there are only a certain number of users at any given time who have the adware installed on their computer, and who are visiting your targets,  to view your ads. Because of this, you don't want to keep showing your ad to the same people over and over.

For example…say you are promoting an offer on Media Traffic and have 100 targets. These 100 targets (or websites) have a certain number of people who visit them every day. So there might be a pool of say 5,000 (just for a round #) people visiting your targets every day. Many of these people will be returning visitors to your targets (websites) as well. If you set your frequency caps to 1/24 (once every 24 hours), all the visitors of your targets are going to see your ad several times over the course of a few days. The people who convert are going to convert right away, but if your frequency cap is set that low you will keep showing your ad to the people who have already converted.

This is one big reason that PPV campaigns can start off with a bang and then fizzle out. If you set your frequency caps further apart, you are allowing more time for new potential customers to download the adware and visit your targets. Think of it in terms of groups of people; You might convert a lot of the 5,000 potential targets right away, but once you exhaust that ‘pool' of customers, you need to let a new group of people download the adware, and start visiting your targets before a new round of conversions can happen.

You want to set your frequency caps far enough apart so that there is enough time for new potential customers to come in. I usually set mine to a minimum of 1/72 to 1/month. The more targets I have, the further apart I set my frequency caps. With more targets, you can keep your traffic levels the same while spreading out your traffic enough so that conversions stay more consistent.

Experiment setting your frequency caps further apart and let me know!