Affiliate Marketing

From PPV To Media Buys

Media buying has been a hot topic lately. It seems like everyone wants to get into media buys, even if they don’t know what that really means. I want to explain a little about media buying and show you how you can use PPV to get into some basic media buying. Media buying is not …

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Many affiliates who were doing PPC have been moving over to PPV. AdWords bans, rising click prices, and more competition are leading affiliates to seek other traffic sources. Affiliates are finding the ease of setting up PPV campaigns and the volume of traffic available appealing. But PPV isn’t necessarily better than PPC. Each traffic source …

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PPV On A Budget

A few people have asked me how to get started with PPV if your working with a small budget. Traffic Vance has a minimum $1k depost, and Media Traffic is $200…both of which might seem a little steep for someone starting out. So what is an aspiring PPV’er to do? Start with the smaller up …

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