Tax season is pretty huge for affiliates. I've met several who only work during tax season, then take the rest of the year off. Yes, there's that much to be made on these offers.

The affiliates who are really doing well with these offers, know them inside and out. They don't just grab an affiliate link to Turbo Tax and slap up a campaign; they thoroughly research everything about the niche. This post will get you started in that direction…

What Are Tax Offers?

Tax offers are generally lead based offers paying out anywhere form a few bucks on up. Most of them are for a product/service that helps people file taxes (Turbo Tax, etc.).

The most important thing you can do to promote these is learn more about taxes. Sounds fun right?


Everyone in the USA has to do taxes, so these demographics are centered around people who fill out these types of offers.

Generally speaking the average visitor to a tax offer is female, 25-44, kids, middle to upper income. Don't just base your campaigns around that, because even though the demographics are skewed that way, there is a large portion of people completing these offers who fall outside it.

Understanding Your Customer

This is extremely important. Most people living in the USA have a basic understanding of how the tax system works. Overseas webmasters don't however, so they need to spend extra time learning all the tax lingo. Do a Google search for ‘Tax basics' and read up on it for a couple hours.

After brushing up on tax terms, you have to learn what goes on in the head of an average tax payer.  These are some ideas:

Nobody likes to pay taxes, and nobody likes preparing for them.

Taxes are a giant pain – from getting all your receipts and paperwork together to meeting filing deadlines, it's something almost nobody enjoys.

The last thing they want to do is spend more money on this

People are grumpy enough having to fork over their hard earned money to the government. The last thing they want is to pay a lot to have their taxes prepared.

Their taxes are complicated, but not too complicated

The wealthy usually hire accountants to do their taxes. Our target audience doesn't. They are working professionals who don't have super complicated taxes, but don't know enough to do it themselves. Instead of figuring out which forms they need to file, or what deductions they can take, they want a simple solution that takes the guesswork out of things.


There are a few things you want to stress in your creatives. Take the points above and figure out how you would solve those problems for the customer. Going from the list above, some thing to highlight on your creatives are:

– How easy the tax solution is to use
– How much time it will save
– The fact it can be done from your own home, at your own pace. No more trips to the accountant.

Make sure your creative look as professional as possible. There are definitely times to use more amateur looking creative, but tax offers aren’t one of them. Remember, we want people to trust what you’re promoting. Make your creative look like they are from a professional company. Make good use of the brand you're promoting to instill a sense of trust in the user.

Traffic Sources

Affiliates promote tax offers in many ways:

– Media Buys
– Email
– Social Traffic

There isn’t one traffic source inherently better than any other. Each has advantages and disadvantages, and also different ways of targeting users. Some affiliates promote these offers with multiple traffic types to leverage this fact.

What's really more important than the traffic source is understanding your visitors. If you get that down, you will do well no matter what traffic source you try.

One final thing to add – most people think of promoting tax offers at the beginning of the year. Don't forget that there are many people filing extensions and hence filing up until October. You also have people who are looking for tax settlements, tax relief, etc. Those specific types of offers can be promoted year round.