This is an interview with forum member Dr Manhattan. Dr Manhattan is a full time affiliate who got his start in the Aff Playbook Forum.

How did you get started?

I was really tired of working for other people – I couldn't see a future in it. I started off with reading blogs, etc. and eventually joined what was then PPV Playbook. At first, I was doing a little bit on many traffic sources and really had no direction. It wasn't until I decided to focus only on PPV until I got it working that I saw real success.

Tell us how you went from $0 to $300 per day (The first success story you posted)

It's really very simple: I started building as many campaigns as I could handle. What I was doing previously was  making 1-2 campaigns, then analyzing them endlessly. I was trying to make every single campaign work, and was convinced I could. When I decided that I would only go after the campaigns that I saw potential in, things started to shift. I developed a system for launching and testing campaigns quickly. This enabled me to spot the campaigns with the most potential and focus more on those.

Ok so then how did you get from $300/day to $10k/day?

More of the same really, and also scaling into other traffic sources. I wouldn't be as successful if I tried to scale into other traffic sources too soon though. I firmly believe you need to master one traffic source before moving on.

People ask me questions like this a lot, and my answers aren't that ‘exciting' really. There wasn't one trick or tip that made me successful, it was just a lot of somewhat monotonous work. Everything I learned, and most of the tactics I still use, I learned from the forum. I see people in the forum gloss over lessons and tips that I've taken and had huge success with. It's not just following the case studies, but really reading everything in depth and spotting potential opportunities.

Do you stick to one niche?

Not always. Right now I'm in about 3-4 verticals that are somewhat related. I constantly test new niches though. I do think it's important to focus on a niche but that doesn't mean you have to ignore others. I have some really stable campaigns that I can't scale much but they earn a consistent $100-$300/day. Those really add up. I think it's a mistake to ignore smaller niches/offers that can't scale.

Do you see yourself doing this long term?

I definitely see myself doing something in the online space long term. As far as running offers, probably not. There is so much more money to be made out there in business models that don't have so much volatility.

What are some things you dislike about this industry?

There's a lot of B.S. and fraud in the CPA space. It's a little funny, but more annoying than anything. Some networks out there today that everyone loves wouldn't be in business if they weren't engaged in large scale fraud.

The same thing goes for seeing these younger affiliates talk about how much they're making. It's funny because they have such big mouth's that it's not hard to track down their campaigns. Almost without fail, they're doing something shady: sneaky coreg stuff, cloaking, etc. The affiliates I talk to who are making real money (5-6 figures) are doing it fairly (as much as CPA marketing can be anyway) legitimately.

You obviously don't use your real name, and keep a low profile. Why is that?

I wanted to keep things private. Anything you say online is potentially there forever. I don't want my professional life out there for everyone to read.

What are some tips you could give affiliates wanting to reach the level you have?

I would get serious about developing a system for creating and testing campaigns. Each campaign might be a little different, but you want a basic process to follow to take some of the guesswork out of it.

Stick to one traffic source until you master it fully. There is no best traffic source. If affiliates are running on it, you can make it work. Several times now, I've found success right before giving up on a traffic source.

Success won't come when you think it should, so get that out of your head. Just keep building campaigns and think that each campaign is one closer to hitting on something good.

I drop tips in the forum as much as I can. Some of the tips I've given have made people a good deal of cash. Unfortunately, most people read them and don't take the time to apply it.

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