Everybody's had those times where you just can't get motivated to work when you're sick or tired. When you have a regular job, it's almost easier to keep working because you have a boss to answer to. Being your own boss means that you have to answer to yourself. This is a constant battle for a lot of people because in the short run it's just easier to take that nap.

Of course, running your own business means you have to work even when you don't want to. So, how do you motivate yourself to keep going? Here are a few suggestions…

Think of the negative

This is a big motivator for me. Whenever you're feeling like skipping out on work, think of the negative consequences of doing so. Would it mean less money for bills? Less money for going out? Not being able to take time of later when you really needed to?

Stop barganing

Does this sound familiar?

“I'll watch the game right now, and then do those campaigns later”…
“Hmm..now I'm tired from stuffing myself and drinking…I'll just do double the number of campaigns tomorrow.”

We all know what happens ‘tomorrow'. Running your own business isn't like playing ‘let's make a deal'. The more you bargain with yourself, the less successful you will be. To combat this, make a set number of campaigns you are going to work on every day and stick to it no matter what. This will really help you understand that everything is a tradeoff. If you watch a game for 3 hours, that might be 3 more hours that you have to stay up building campaigns.

 Get some fresh air or exercise

Even a short walk around the block can kind of ‘reset' your brain and body, and make it easier to get into work mode. Next time you find yourself staring aimlessly at your computer screen, try a quick walk or some pushups to find some motivation.

Focus on what you have to do

Sometimes working too much when you can't get into will lead to burnout. Instead of always pushing  yourself, try completing the tasks that are the most important for that day then taking some time off. Getting away from the computer for even a 1/2 day can mean extra productivity when you return.

Set a schedule

When you had a job, you had to get there at a certain time and work a specified number of hours. People working for themselves often don't stick to a schedule which is a straight road to being unproductive. Human's need habit and structure..we just function better that way. Try setting a schedule for yourself and stick to it. Eventually, it will be easier to do work when you don't feel like it because it's part of the schedule.

Everyone who runs their own business struggles with motivation from time to time. Try adapting some of these strategies and see if they help. If you have any good tips feel free to leave a comment!