The Top PPV Networks in 2015

Way back in 2009, I tested and rated 10 PPV networks. I get asked about that post a lot, and what my current recommendations are so I thought I would update my current favorite PPV traffic sources.

I thought about putting these in order, and scoring them like I did last time but decided against it. The reason is that I have campaigns that work great on one source, and bomb on another. I really can't say ‘X is the ‘best' PPV traffic source. If you're serious about PPV marketing, it's worth testing all these.

Is PPV traffic even working in 2015? YES! We have plenty of success stories in the forum that prove that. If you've been around affiliate marketing for long enough, you know that traffic sources never really ‘die'. Affiliates like to jump to whatever is ‘hot' at the moment, but there are people killing it on virtually every traffic source out there.

1. Traffic Vance

Traffic Vance recently did away with the need for a referral to get in. That's good news for would be advertisers. The minimum deposit of $1k is still in effect. Whatever traffic source you test, you'll need to plan on spending at least $500-$1k to make any progress so I wouldn't let that stop you.

The traffic from Traffic Vance has always been really consistent for me. It performs well for a lot of verticals, and most verticals have a good amount of volume.

They have a new interface I got to beta test recently, and they made some significant improvements. The new interface should be released to everyone in the coming months.

One thing I dislike about Traffic Vance is that you need a separate account (with an additional $1k deposit) to run international traffic. They have good intl traffic, so it's worth it but it would be nice to have it all in one place.

2. 50onRed

50onRed offers a few traffic types – search, intext, and PPV. Their PPV traffic is good quality, but the bids can be expensive. One tip is to test keywords in addition to URL targets.

50onRed has some cool features that other PPV networks don't. One of those is the ability to target specific states and cities. This brings up all kinds of interesting possibilities like doing local lead gen.

You can purchase both US and international traffic on 50onRed which is cool. They also have the option to add negative targets.

The minimum deposit is $500, making it an attractive choice for new advertisers.

3. Lead Impact

Lead Impact is a tough one. They have great traffic volume, both US and international, and it converts well.

Approvals on Lead Impact can be inconsistent. This is more of a minor annoyance than anything. One of the biggest negatives of working with Lead Impact is the amount of click discrepancy you have to deal with. There's nothing you can do about this, you just have to price it into your campaign. Essentially you'll be paying more per click because of this.

The interface on Lead Impact isn't great. I'm not sure when the last time it was updated, but it's definitely overdue.

Lead Impact recently raised their minimum deposit to $1k, like Traffic Vance. LI is still a good PPV traffic source, but if you're going to make a $1k deposit anyway, I would go with Traffic Vance.

4. ZeroPark

ZeroPark has been selling domain traffic for a while, but now offers PPV traffic. I haven't tested this much yet, but they have some attractive features.

The minimum deposit is $200. You can choose RON traffic, keyword, target (url), and multi-geo campaigns. One cool feature, is the ability to filter by mobile/desktop traffic as well as browser type and operating system. They have worldwide traffic available, so you can run offers in almost any country.

I'm looking forward to testing this more, it definitely looks promising. I'll most likely do a case study on it in the forum.

Those are my recommendations for rocking PPV traffic in 2015. Let me know what you think in the comments. Have you tested any of these? What are your favorites?

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