The first thing people want to know when they hit on a winning campaign is ‘what's next?'. Lets cut to the chase and talk about some ways you can scale.

Ask for a payout bump

This has got to be the easiest, and kind of surprisingly overlooked, ways to scale a campaign. Any payout increase will help. So how do you go about getting a pay bump? Usually the network will want to see some traffic and gauge the quality a little. Sometimes they will bump you right away (usually when they were offering a low payout to being with).

Talk with your AM and see what they can do..even a small payout bump can take a campaign to the next level.

Rotate offers between CPA networks

This seems like a weird one to some people, but the same offer can convert very differently on different networks. The reasons why could take a whole post, but for the sake of scaling I would highly recommend split testing the offer you're running with a few networks.

Bid into a lower position

This might seem the opposite of what you would expect, but being in a lower position can increase your ROI quite a bit. Have you ever seen those insane bid differences between 1st and 2nd position? Let those idiots auto bid each other into the red, while you sit back and pay a ton less (leading to much higher ROI in some cases)

Duplicate your campaing on another traffic source

Got a winner on Traffic Vance? Why not run it on Lead Impact and other PPV networks too. Since the campaign is already built, it really only takes a few minutes to copy it over. I've had campaigns where just doing this literally doubled the net profit.

There's no reason you can't run your campaign on a totally different traffic source too. It will take a little adapting, but if you know an offer is converting there is a good chance you can make it work somewhere else.

Bid on target variations

Most people bid on but there are a ton of variations that get traffic and often have less competition.

You can use some variations like
some variations work better on certain ppv networks.

Figure out why that target converted

Say you are bidding on a target that's producing a great ROI; see if you can figure out why it's performing so well. Does a certain demographic visit that site? Is it in a certain niche? Are the visitors of that site looking for something there that makes your offer really appealing? The cool thing about doing this is there is really no tool to do this other than your brain. If you can master this, you'll be far ahead of other ppv affiliates.

So there you have it. Even if you have a campaign doing just a few dollars a day, applying some or all of these techniques will absolutely squeeze more money out of it.