This post is about many affiliates favorite PPV traffic source – Traffic Vance. Instead of doing a basic post on what Traffic Vance is and where they get their traffic, I wanted to share a few tips that will help your campaigns.

I'm going to keep this short and simple.

1. Positions 2-4 can often make a huge difference in ROI. Stop bidding into first position and let those idiots overbid you by .10

2. Test lowering your bids. Basically, you don't know if you always need to be bidding that high. Check out this post from barman.

3. There's gold in them there text links. If you haven't ran text links you need to. It's a little bit of a different beast but one with a lot of potential.

4. Add audio to your landers. It can make a 10%+ difference in CTR.

5. Ugly works. Use plain blue text links as your call to action for a nice CTR boost.

Bonus tip – a hot niche to run right now is payday loans.

If your a forum member, we are doing a webinar with Traffic Vance on June 2nd so don't miss your chance to get your questions answered directly from the source.