The 100% CTR Trick

What if I told you there was this new way to run campaigns…one that was easier, faster, had a great chance for success, and guaranteed every visitor saw your offer page? No, I'm not coming out with a new course called but direct linking needs a second look.

Like most traffic sources, niches, techniques, and landing page styles, direct linking goes in and out of style. Go back to some of the earliest affiliate marketing on AdWords and many people direct linked. Now of course, most people use landing pages but that's a whole post in itself.

This post is about direct linking with PPV. I've seen many people who start out and immediately jump into making landing pages. In a lot of cases, the reason for building a landing page and not direct linking is the belief that landing pages always do better. The thinking is almost like direct linking would be ‘too easy' and you have to really struggle at making a great landing page to be successful. Fortunately direct linking works really well.

I actually hadn't done much direct linking in a while until a really successful forum member reminded me how well it worked. After that, I started direct linking more and was pretty surprised with the results. I also started split testing a lot of my campaigns with a simple LP vs direct linking and was proved wrong a few times when direct linking outperformed the LP.

One question people have is when to use direct linking and when to use a landing page. With PPV there isn't really a hard and fast rule of when to use each. I mean, maybe someone has a theory but based on the split tests I've done, I haven't found a specific situation where I can say ‘always do direct linking here'. This is why I have been setting up a lot of my campaigns as a simple split test between a landing page and direct linking. This gives me a pretty quick idea of which is going to perform better, and I can further optimize from there.

If you've been busy building landing pages, give direct linking another shot and you might be surprised with the results!

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