I've written about this before but wanted to do an actual test just to get people to actually test their CPA network. I still see so many people blindly running with networks just because they like their AM or they want to hang with the cool kids.

This is business and I'm doing this to make money. I can be friends with anyone I want, but I am going to run with the network that gives me the best results.

With that in mind, I tested the average offer page load time for 4 popular networks. I am going to leave these anonymous so you can do your own testing and reach your own conclusions. Chances are, you are running with one of these networks though.

I tested 4 offers in different niches for each network. I used the same offer if it was available on the networks.

The best network had an average offer page load speed of 1.7 s. The worst network had an average of 2.9. That's a full second slower than the second slowest network. If you don't think that would have an effect on conversions..well, 1. You're wrong and 2. Split test it for yourself.

Here is a chart showing the results

I see over and over again in the forums people who say “I've done so many campaigns and I can't get anything to work!'. There can be a lot of reasons for this, but one of the simplest it to split test offers on different CPA networks.

I really encourage you to test your offer page load times. It can make a HUGE difference in your conversion rates.

*edit* After reading the comments, I realized I should show you how you can test. You can use http://tools.pingdom.com/fpt/ (you can pick where it runs the test from).

I also use Live HTTP Headers and http://wheregoes.com/ to see the redirects. You won't believe how many redirects some affiliate links go through.