People are followers. You probably are too in some ways (Don't worry, everyone is to some degree).

This fact is actually a very powerful tool in marketing. If you can convince people that everyone else likes what you're promoting, you stand a good chance of increasing your conversion rates (sometimes dramatically).

The idea is called social proof. The premise is that people think that what everyone else is doing (buying) is correct (good).

How much more likely are you to click on a ‘like' button when you see that 500 of your friends have liked it? How many times have you seen the affiliate herd blindly adopt a position because everyone else is? Those ideas are at the core of social proof.

As affiliates, we need to incorporate this into our marketing. This gets a little ‘grey' because what most affiliates do is fake social proof. These might be fake ‘likes' on their landing page, etc. It's up to the individual how comfortable they feel doing some of this. Of course, you could go out and get ‘real' likes if you wish but..

When you think about it, the classic rebill landing page is a form of social proof. You have the ‘user' talking about how great their skin looks after using product x, which is backed up by all the ‘comments' at the bottom of the page.

So what are some hot social proofing ideas? Facebook, Google +1 and Pinterest are probably the most relevant for affiliates right now. You can certainly incorporate other sites/idea though.

Think about putting ‘like' or ‘+1' buttons on your landing pages. That's the most basic idea of social proofing affiliates can get started with. I posted some other ideas in the forum, but this is enough for a public blog 🙂

For some further reading, check out Robert Cialdini who's social proofing ideas are very popular.