I get some variation of this question a lot – “What does the future of PPV marketing look like with all these new affiliates jumping in?”.

It's a good question because PPV has literally exploded in popularity this year. As more and more competition jump into the game, bid prices are getting higher. It seems like something that is just going to become over saturated quick right? I think that's a very narrow way to look at things…

You see…right now a lot of affiliates have got banned from Adwords or Facebook and could never get Media Buys working just right so they are jumping on the PPV train. PPV is nothing new…it's been around for years and will continue to be around for years. Most of the affiliates jumping into PPV are going to cause some temporary saturation, then leave either because they couldn't make PPV work or they want to move on to the next greatest thing. This isn't just the way it works in PPV mind you…the same thing has happened to every other traffic source that affiliate marketers jumped on. Does it mean just because we don't talk about article marketing anymore that it doesn't work? No way!

If you've been in the game long enough, you know that you just have to ride things out sometimes.I jumped into lead generation offers back in the day when they were popular. It was very competitive because everyone was getting into it. I stayed the course while people were busy getting into rebills and actually saw my margins getting better and better with less competition.

So if PPV seems competitive right now just know that a lot of affiliates are going to be dropping off this year which will leave more money on the table for you and I!