The 2013 Vegas Mastermind Session

It's that time of year again! This January, we will be holding our exclusive, live Mastermind Session. Join us this year where we will be spilling secrets, teaching our latest strategies, and giving you the knowledge to make 2013 your most profitable year yet. A lot of work and planning goes into this mastermind session. We want people to walk out with knowledge and ideas about how to expand their business immediately and into the future.

The information we share in this mastermind sessions is not something you can get anywhere else. We don't teach outdated techniques, oversell seats, or sell recordings of the session afterwards. We keep this information exclusive for a reason – so you can make more money.

Speaking this year:

David Ford – Owner

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I'm the owner of and have also been a full-time Internet Marketer for over 10 years. I have a unique perspective both from being an affiliate for over a decade, and teaching thousands of affiliates at Aff Playbook. In this mastermind presentation, I'm going to present strategies and techniques to take campaigns from profitable at the affiliate level, all the way to totally dominating your niche. These are long term strategies that, if you work hard, will make you a lot of money.

Mark Perez (aka Ctrtard) – Owner of, Landing Page Genius, and

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Mark is not only a talented programmer, but also an expert marketer. He has the rare ability to fuse technical know how with affiliate tactics to create unique campaigns, products, and streams of income. Mark's presentation with be half technical and half marketing. Learn how a little knowledge in each can go a long way in your business.

Jason “J-SiN” Hart – Adult Affiliate Wiseman & Lead Wrench owner

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Jason is going to go in depth and expose the profits to be had combining adult dating with host and post. Get the full details in presentation that lays it all out there and shows step by step how you can make huge profits, while building a stable long term business in adult dating. You'll be blown away by how many opportunities there are once you have this knowledge.


The event will take place on Sunday, January 13th from 1:30-6:30pm. This is going to be a very full 4 hours of presentations so be prepared to absorb a lot of information in that time.

The event cost is $797 which includes 6 months access to the Aff Playbook forums (worth over $400 on it's own). You will also receive a video recording of the session so that you can rewatch and really get the most out of the secret information shared as well as code, notes, and any examples discussed.

Every mastermind session we have ever done has sold out. Our Vegas session sells out the fastest, because it's the biggest event attended by affiliates. This event will be limited to 12 people to ensure the methods we teach don't get saturated. We want people to take what we teach them and create incredibly profitable streams of income. Our goal is to have you walk away from the event with specific strategies you can implement right away to increase your income.

Also to ensure the tactics and techinques discussed remain exclusive to attendees and don't get saturated, we will NOT be releasing a recording of this session to anyone who does not attend the Mastermind seminar.

If you're interested in attending, please contact me or PM me in the forum to make sure there are still spots left and I will send you payment instructions.

As always, let me know if you have any questions!

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