The 30 day campaign challenge we did on the forum is pretty much wrapped up.  I'll post my results and am doing a survey of those who participated in the challenge.

I ended up making 53 new campaigns. This is a lot lower than I had hoped for, but I had a lot going on this month. Posting my daily campaign totals definitely made me build more than I would have otherwise. I cringed every time I had to post and say I did 0 campaigns.

Out of the 53 I had about 15 that were profitable or near break even. I had some more with conversions (but not near break even) that might have some potential after tweaking a bit. That's not bad at all for building about 1.5 campaigns per day and I haven't really taken the time to tweak these much.

Some people might have been intimidated by the challenge because of limited funds to test. I started each campaign with a daily budget of $10. If I saw some potential, or thought it needed to run a little more I let it. I ended up in the green after all was said and done.

I used pretty basic techniques to build my campaigns. Most of the time split testing between a simple LP and direct linking. Targets were mostly picked from Google by searching relevant keywords.

We had a lot of interest in this experiment. Quite a few people started but not all kept posting until the end. There was a solid group who continued updating until the end.

I'm really curious to hear from them, but also the people who might have only made one post or those who stopped updating. So I am asking all participants

1. How many campaigns did you end up building?

2. Out of those, how many were winners or showed potential?

3. What kept you from building more campaigns?

4. If you started the challenge but didn't keep updating…what caused you to stop building campaigns or updating the thread?

After I get some data I will update!