I get a LOT of questions about PPV traffic so this Q&A should really help a lot of people 🙂

Could you explain how you would use the subids to track your PPV with direct linking? I want to know which keywords and which URLs are profitable and hope to do this with direct linking.

The easiest way is going to be using Prosper 202 and just setting up a direct linking campaign. Just make sure you have ‘target passthrough' enabled on the PPV network you are using (unless it's Traffic Vance in which case you can use %%$KEYWORD%%)

Does straight demographic targeting every actually work? and have you ever managed to get a very high traffic top level domain to convert i.e. like google.com amazon.com etc. if so how much did you manage to make from it?

Demographic targeting yes…like the example I use in the PPV Playbook is pure demographic targeting. It doesn't always work that way but it can work really well if you find the right offer.

I do target high volume domains but never as broad as ‘google.com' I don't know how someone could effectively monetize that. When I go after high volume domains, I usually just bid on one URL and rotate a bunch of offers.

What’s the best way to use prosper to track which ppv targets led to an aweber email capture on your popup lp. I want to redirect and prepop an email submit after the capture, but not sure how to pass to prosper which targets resulted in a aweber form conversion.

What I do is use the tracking pixel to track opt-ins. To my knowledge there is no way to use Prosper to track pre-pops/conversions (I could be wrong).

Ive tested TONS of landing pages, and cant' seem to get a CTR over 2%. Can you show us some examples of good lp's and why they are so good?

That's not bad for a PPV LP. Your CTR is not going to be very high. The main thing is getting a really good picture and having not much text on the page. I honestly never really worry about CTR on my PPV lp's. Some of my lowest CTR LP's are the highest converters and vice versa.

How many URL's should I start with?

As a general rule I use 50-100. Some people do more but unless you have a large budget, it can be hard to not bleed money using that technique.

When should I give up on a campaign/how long should I test?

I find that most people actually put too much time & money into testing. I can't tell you how many people I have seen banging their heads against a wall trying to get a quiz offer working. I usually test very small (like 2-3x the offer payout) and if I don't see much promise I move on. Don't keep doing the same thing over and over again…if something is not working try something totally different; new LP, direct link, new offer, new PPV network, etc. Most of my successful campagins, while maybe not profitable right from the start, showed at least a little promise early on.