I will be doing an 8 week live webinar series with Corey Bornmann from Affportal.com which is going to cover everything from starting with PPV through every technique and trick we know.

The 8 week series is going to look like this:

Session 1 – Niche Research & Offer Selection

Learn what offers to focus on with PPV traffic. How do you spot a winning offer? How do you research niches to find profitable offers? This and more will be covered in our first session.

* Niches & offers to focus on and what to avoid
* What to look for in an offer
* Types of PPV campaigns to use with specific offers
* Niche & offer research
* How to recycle spam

Session 2 – Target Demographics & Collecting targets to bid on

Learn how to get in the mind of your target audience. Forget bidding on sites like ‘Geico.com' for your car insurance campaigns. Find out what targets to use that nobody else is bidding on.

* Why understanding demographics is so important
* How to research demographics for your offer
* Creative ways to find targets to bid on

Session 3 – Landing Pages

Learn how to design landing pages specifically for PPV marketing. Find out what elements can increase your CTR and conversions.

* When to direct link or use an landing page
* How to create landing pages specifically for PPV marketing
* How to split test your landing pages
* What elements increase CTR

Session 4 – Tracking & Offer Rotation, budget and bidding

Learn how to set up tracking correctly and analyze stats, rotate offers, and make sure your campaigns stay profitable.

* What programs to use to track your PPV campaigns
* How to track direct linking and landing pages
* How to rotate offers correctly
* How to analyze your stats to turn a non profitable campaign into a winner

Session 5 – Building an Email List

Did you know that PPV is a great way to build a huge email list? We're going to show you how to collect emails, and market to that list over and over. You can collect opt-in emails for as little as $0.01 with the potential to earn hundreds from that one customer.

* What niches to build lists in
* How to build a landing page to capture email's
* Putting an opt-in email form on your landing page
* How to convince people to give you their email address
* How to structure your email auto responder series for maximum profit

Session 6 – Dynamic Landing Pages

We give you the code to put on your landing pages to make the magic happen. Find out how to display information about the site your audience was visiting, Geo targeting, and much more.

* How to customize your landing page with dynamic keywords
* Using Geo Targeting
* Using dates, times, & more
* How to make the text on your page customized to each visitor

Session 7 – Incentivizing

How to incentivize PPV offers

* What types of offers allow incentive's
* How to target incentive offers for maximum profit
* What types of landing pages work well for incentive offers
* The work flow of an incentivized offer
* How to stay out of trouble when incentivizing

Session 8 – Case Studies

In our last webinar we are going to show you a number of successful campaigns we are running. This isn't going to be a generic session…we are going to show you our exact campagins; landing pages, targets, and stats.

* Were going to show you our own campagins
* What made money, lost money, and how we optimized
* Tricks we found to squeeze more profit out of our campagins
* Exact niches, offers, landing pages, and targets

You will also get 1 month free membership in my PPV Playbook forums and 3 months free membership to Affportal.com (Current members of the forums or Affportal get $100 off the regular price)

Do you need this to be successful with PPV? Nope. Are we going to reveal any magic techniques and systems? Not really. You will get some pretty cool lessons, tips, tools, and a chance to ask as many questions as you want…if you apply everything and WORK hard it will help you make more money with PPV.

We are doing a free intro to PPV webinar on Thur Feb 4th at 9pm EST which you can register for and get more information here