Beyond Hosting is offering a crazy good deal right now on dedicated servers. I personally have an R610 and it can handle anything I throw at it.

Beyond Hosting works with affiliates and knows what they need. Their servers are optimized to deliver the best performance possible for Prosper202, CPV Lab, etc.

They just got a massive order of Dell R610s into their data center and need to get them utilized fast.

So to help get this started they've created a promotional code that will get you 50% off your server for 3 months!

Use the promo code “GOGODEDI50!” during checkout for monthly billing to get an R610 for only $274 a month!

This is valid for R610 and R610+ Read server specs here.

This is for existing customers too!  This means you can upgrade and get the discount. I would definitely recommend this deal if you're looking for a good dedicated server.

*no affiliate links used