Getting traffic from trending topics is nothing new, but it's still a great way to build some profitable campaigns.

I'm going to give a quick rundown of building these campaigns.

Step 1 – Finding trends

The first step is to find a trending topic. You can use any of these sites to find trending topics.

Google Trends

Google Insights for Search

Google News

Bing Social

Yahoo Buzz

Yahoo Clues

Social Mention Trends

Twitter Trending Topics and Trendistic

It's Trending (Facebook)

Like Button (Facebook)


This is a good site that aggregates some of the above sites

There's no special trick to picking trends, just pick something that has good volume.

Step 2 – A landing page

You have a few options here. The classic idea is to do a ‘poll' on a trending topic. Just for an example, lets say I chose the topic ‘girl with the dragon tattoo'. I might create a landing page like this

Get free movie tickets! Vote now for your chance to win..

<pic of the topic>

Will you see Girl with the Dragon Tatoo?

Yes – No
Vote now for your chance to win

If you need a good poll script, you can find some here

After ‘voting' the person is taken to the offer which brings us to the next topic…


With this technique people try too hard to match the offers to the topic, and that's not always necessary. Don't assume you know what type of offer will convert with these campaigns. Ideally, you would rotate multiple niches until you figured out what worked. Some niches to try:


If the topic is niche specific like ‘The biggest loser' or something, you could do weight loss offers, etc.


This works well with PPV traffic. It used to do well with search, but the advent of quality score has made these more difficult to run.

The most interesting way I've seen this done recently, was in a case study our forum member Yabby posted. The idea is to create a Facebook app around a polling script and use the “Precise Interests” targeting option. The possibilities with that are endless and you can often get very cheap traffic.

You could also send PPV traffic to your poll/landing page on FB.

Some of my best campaigns have produced $10k profit in a single month. Not a huge campaign, but for about 20 min setup time and a couple hours of optimization that's some pretty easy money. Those campaigns don't happen all the time, but when they do it's great.

Lots of possibilities with this one. Have fun!