Landing Pages

Trick to Click!

My friend Corey Bornmann from Affportal uses the phrase ‘trick to click’ to describe landing pages that look like this: You might have seen variations on this type of landing page or banner and that’s because it can work great! Who can resist clicking that ‘play’ button? The basic idea is to take a screen-shot …

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Free Multiple Choice LP Template

Multiple choice landing pages can work really well for promoting email/zip submits. In the forum most of the time when I see email submits being promoted, affiliates are just using basic landing pages. While this can work, there is a lot more you can do to increase conversions. I want to show you a way …

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PPV Landing Page Secrets

Ok no secrets really but now that I have your attention… I get a lot of questions about landing pages for PPV/CPV traffic. I hate telling people ‘just test’ but sometimes that’s the best approach. There are various types of pages that can work but the main idea is you want to keep things simple …

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