There is a new policy in place for Traffic Vance referrals (actually it's not new but they are getting stricter about it).

When you give someone a referral to Traffic Vance, you are responsible for that persons actions on the network. What this means is that if I refer someone, and they are caught doing something against Traffic Vances TOS, I can potentially lose my account.

Basically we (referrers) are responsible for the people we refer into the network. I would strongly urge people to not just hand out referrals because what seems like a nice gesture, could actually get you kicked out of the network.

This is good for current advertisers, but I can understand how it will be frustrating for people wanting in. The best thing to do is network in the industry and build up some good friendships so people feel comfortable referring you.

I definitely wouldn't hand out a referral to somebody just asking for one on a public forum or anything. My Traffic Vance account is worth a lot more than that.