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In my 10+ years doing online marketing, I think I've been told some traffic source or niche is ‘dead'. When I started out I was doing something that people kept saying ‘the glory days were gone'. I'm glad I didn't listen to them, because I went on to be one of the most successful affiliates in that niche, quit my job, and build my business.

I wanted to share one of the recent success stories in the Aff Playbook Forum. Forum member jamtal has been a member for one year, and just posted his success story of making $50k/month. I asked him if I could post it here, because I think there are some great takeaways from his post. Success doesn't always come as fast as we want. People think they're a failure if they aren't profitable in a couple months. The reality is that it takes most people months or even years to find success. Are you going to give up because success isn't coming fast enough, or will you stick it out no matter how long it takes. Jamtal's story is a great example of someone who knew he would succeed and kept sticking with his system regardless of how fast success was coming.

This story is also a great example of the fact you can make a lot of money with ANY traffic source. There's always some ‘hot' thing the industry is chasing after, but that doesn't mean everything else is dead. I know affiliates doing great with PPV, PPC, Facebook, Plenty of Fish, Mobile, and more. Don't listen to people that tell you something is dead, or doesn't work as well as it used to. Sometimes it's actually easier working with those traffic types or niches, because everyone else is focused on something else.

A big congratulations to jamtal, and thanks for letting me post his story.

– David

I have a feeling this is going to be one long post so please bear with me. I definitely feel obligated to post my success story and clear few things for our fellow newbies and even some experienced affiliates who are struggling.

It still feels unreal, $50,000+ revenue in October, I'm literally speechless. Good news is that this isn't “hit and run”, in August and September I've hit 5 figure revenue also and it keeps increasing. Hopefully I can reach 6 figure revenue/month by end of this year.

It all struck me this June, when I made about $2500 for whole month, things simply clicked. From there I gradually started earning more and more until I hit my 4 figure p/day revenue and rest is history.

You're probably wondering, What Is My Secret?

I'm sorry to disappoint you, but there isn't one. It didn't happen over night, I don't cloak, all my landing pages are strictly following guidelines of PPV networks 100%, I don't run any kind of special/direct offers, I don't use special trackers or exploits and I don't scam people. I'm just a regular guy promoting offers from well known CPA Networks on well known Traffic Sources you all are probably using.

I simply work harder and smarter than your average John Doe. (freelancer experience)

[1] It Takes Time

I've joined APB in 2013, first week was “information overload”. I started launching campaigns, most were dead ends but with each campaign I tried something new: maybe new type of lander, different targeting, many angles etc. Eventually some campaigns picked off. I was stoked when I was making my first $30-$50 per day of revenue. I never really thought it was possible.

As a beginner you encounter these things and it's normal:

  • Offers Die – It happened, a lot of times, you learn to deal with it over time.
  • Bad Lead Quality – Another important lesson, you learn about copywriting and how not to “bullshit” visitors. Keeping advertiser happy is also very important, that's how you develop good relationship with them.
  • Fierce Bidding Wars – Updating Bids every 10 minutes? Loosing Money? Waking up in middle of night to update bids? Yeah, I've done it all, for days and sometimes weeks.
  • Spying – Good, Bad and the Ugly – Does it work? Sometimes, yes, but remember that all guys who push a lot of revenue add their own twist and modify existing campaigns. Everyone can fully steal someones campaign, it's a dead end.
  • Stolen Campaigns – I've had my campaigns stolen also (karma). At first I was pissed. But then again, I did that too? Who am I to whine? Suck it up and move on. These days, it doesn't bother me a bit.
  • Fear of Spending – Been there also. You set fixed budget, It doesn't work? You move on. These days I'm a lot more flexible and it doesn't bother me. Stop being afraid of spending money!
  • Crappy Network/AM – Also been there. Slow/unresponsive affiliate managers are the worst.

See those points above? Make it your “check list”.

If you haven't experienced those things above, you haven't really done much in Affiliate Marketing. Now I'm not saying that to offend you in any way but to make you eagerly wait for those things above to happen to you! It has to happen sooner or later and when it does, consider that you're on the right path.

In a way, you want to fail because you learn far more from your failures than successes.

[2] Be Realistic, Patient and Polite!

I've seen so many members joining and eagerly wanting to make their own $100 or $500/p day as soon as possible. If you have absolutely 0 knowledge do you really think it's possible? Do you think if you read 3-5 books on stock market and trading that you can go tomorrow and work on Wall Street and earn millions per year?

You start of small: $10 per day, then $50, then $100 and so on, baby steps people!

The key word is to be patient. Sucess doesn't happen over night and if it does, it might only last a night! (a.k.a you got lucky)

Treat your networks and AM's with respect and be polite! Sure, it's their job to “guide you” but why would you bore you affiliate managers with questions like “How to install tracker?” or “Where to buy hosting from?” You have answers to all those “newbie” questions in here.

Don't get me wrong, if you're a newbie, don't try to hide it, but don't be lazy either. Instead of asking your AM to help you out with your tracking invest that time in to tackling their brain on offers, what you could potentially run on XYZ traffic source, what they recommend and so on and so on..

I don't look at my AM's as just managers, I speak with them daily, we exchange ideas and generally talk about everything. They are human beings too, respect their time, test their advice/tips and don't be an asshole.

[3] Work Hard – Invest Smart

In order to achieve 3, 4 or 5 figure revenue per day, you just need to launch campaigns like there is no tomorrow. I'm not saying to launch 20 campaigns every day but don't launch 1 campaign per week either. My motto is quality over quantity. I'd rather launch 10 really good campaigns this week with their own twist, a lot of angles and landers instead of 30 crappy ones. With those crappy ones I won't learn a thing but with those 10 I'll get to test out new angles, new landers and improve my copywriting. It's a win-win situation.

It would be absolutely devastating to start earning some decent money and then to go and blow it all away in clubs and such. Remember, key word here is patience. There's time for new houses, cars, crazy parties and expensive things.

Invest all your earnings in to more campaigns, maybe hire someone to help you with campaigns, test new traffic sources, pay off your debts or w.e but invest wisely, don't blow your money on stupid shit!

[4] Thanks to APB

You are already here, everything you need to succeed is right here! Information you have here at your disposal is precious, take advantage. There are so many good case studies (even if they are old, read them!), tips, scripts, angles, landing pages on this forum. Not to mention active member base who always help you out and brainstorm ideas with you.

Even if no one replies, be sure David will, that guy won't leave anyone hanging.

If you're reading this congratulations and thank you! You've made it to the end, I could write till tomorrow but essential things have been said.

Last but not least, I'd like to thank David for creating and maintaining this awesome forum, ctrtard for his awesome scripts, Dr Manhattan for awesome tips and threads, Mateen (Goku) for awesome follow alongs, Miser for inspirational posts.. I could really go on forever, it just shows how great this forum.

Thanks again and Have a nice Day!

– jamtal

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