150% ROI PPV Campaign

This is a guest post by Brian “browie”.  He is a member of PPV Playbook forums and has a blog at Browie.com

This PPV trick and/or tip isn't going to change your life but it sure could make that “loser campaign” into a relative golden nugget.  I just started PPV marketing at the end of 2009.  That is when I joined David Ford and his PPVPlaybook Forum.  I was slow jumping on the bandwagon and I'm disappointed that I didn't jump on earlier.  So, what I'm saying is I am still new and this little tip bumped my campaigns across the board.

I have to give credit where it is due.  I have private messaged this guy something to the effect of “you changed my life”.  Well not quite but it was a great tip that I didn't think about before or maybe i didn't pay attention too it when I saw it.  His name is Derek and he posts on the PPVPlaybook Forum.  There was a thread he created by giving some random tips about keywords and url's.  Most of the stuff I had read before but this one just happened to catch my eye;

There is a difference, in some networks, between .com and .com/

There are 100's of little case studies and tips and tricks on all of these internet marketing blogs and forums but I swear I had not read that before.  I have been profiting on many campaigns since I started taking his advice and you can see why below.  Here is one particular offer that has brought in 150% ROI everyday for over 2 weeks because of this tip.  If I didn't take his tip to heart I know for a fact I would have deleted this campaign because there is no way I would bid that high.  Here is a screen shot.

As you can see people are bidding $0.60+ on the .com and I'm #1 for the .com/ at $0.034

Thank you Derek for that and I hope some one else or many of you find this post helpful and will take action on your PPV campaigns.  The point to this post is that any little detail can bump your campaign from a loser to a winner.

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