As affiliates, we're familiar with promoting offers on various traffic sources, but don't know what goes on behind the scenes of an offer. When I first started, I was busy learning all about paid traffic and how to promote offer. I never gave much thought to what happens outside of that. It wasn't until later that I started learning about advertisers and what they deal with.

I know many people who have started their own offers, so I always try to pick their brain when I can. Knowing what happens on the advertiser end is obviously crucial if you want to start your own offer, but it can also help you be a better affiliate. Just about every affiliate at some point gets mad because they've been kicked off an offer. Are offer owners evil, and trying to keep all the money for themselves? In most cases, no – they're just like us with certain metrics they look at to determine if something is profitable.

Starting your own offer isn't without challenges of course, but it's definitely doable for a lot of people. Even if you aren't ready to launch an offer, knowing what happens on the advertisers end can make you a more successful affiliate.

My guest today isĀ  John Monarch. John started out as an affiliate and progressed to offer owner, and now runs Direct Outbound – a full service call center and fulfillment center. This was a very informative podcast. Some of the things we discussed:

John is going to be popping in the forum to answer questions related to this podcast, or setting up your own offer in general so don't be shy about asking questions.

I would like to thank John for doing this podcast and sharing his knowledge with us!