APB Podcast – Email Marketing and Copywriting With Ben Settle

Email marketing is one of those indispensable skills every marketer should have. It doesn't matter if you're doing affiliate marketing, promoting your own products, or doing client work. Being able to sell through email and copywriting is a skill that will take you from playing around at a business, to actually having a business.

Today, I interview Ben Settle who is one of the top email specialists in the world today. Ben has worked with huge companies like Experian, has tons of testimonials from the biggest names in the industry, and is highly sought after for his expertise.

This was a great episode where we discuss:

  • How Ben got started in the industry
  • Why writing copy by hand is so essential
  • How to speak so your readers want to listen
  • Why he emails every day, and sells in every email
  • The biggest issues people have when writing email copy
  • Areas to focus on if you really want to master email marketing

Here are links to some of the things Ben Mentions on the show:

I really encourage you to check out Ben's blog and opt-in to his list. He has a unique approach to email marketing, and gives a lot of value. I personally have learned a ton by reading his blog and listening to his podcast.

Ben Settle Blog

Ben Settle's Antripreneur Podcast:

Listen to this episode here:

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