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7 Best Niche Ideas for New Bloggers Starting Out

The most asked question I get from people starting a blog is ‘what niche should I choose?'. It's a great question, because you can't really start without a niche of course.

In this blog post, we'll look at some of the best niches to start out as a blogger. Keep in mind, there is no perfect niche. The best niche for you is one that you can stick with for the long haul. Blogging is a commitment, so it's much better to spend that time writing about something you enjoy.

What is a niche?

In the simplest terms, a niche is just ‘what you'll blog about'. For example, you niche could be travel, finance, health, or any other topic.

Choosing your niche ahead of time is important. You don't want to start blogging about the first thing that comes to mind without a plan. Having said that, you don't want to agonize over you choice of niches to the point you never get started.

Some people have a hard time choosing a niche, so they plan to blog about a few different niches. We don't recommend that, at least not when you're starting out.

Yes, there are blogs out there that cover multiple niches on one blog. These blogs usually have a big team behind them.

As an independent blogger, you won't really have the output to compete with those blogs. It's not just the amount of posts you write that makes it difficult to compete. Those blogs are also well established and have a lot of money to invest.

The smartest way to approach a blog niche is to focus on a single niche that you can build your blog around. Once your blog has a lot of visitors and you're making good money, you might decide to slowly expand on the niches you cover.

It's so much easier to start specific and branch out, than it is to try and cover everything from the beginning.

Broad vs Specific Blog Niches

How specific should your niche be? Our best advice is to choose something not too broad and not too specific. You want to be somewhere right in the middle. That advice isn't helpful without an example I know 🙂

An example of a niche that's too broad would be ‘health'. It's such a broad topic, and there's no way you can compete with the massive corporate sites that dominate that niche.

This is an example where those sites are able to cover all the health topics like weight loss, disease prevention, diet, fitness, and the list goes on. Look at an example like WebMD. That's a site in the health niche that covers everything.

It's so much easier to grow an audience when you select a more specific niche. This is the part where you don't want to get too specific.

Going too specific in the health niche might be something like – ‘Recipes for vegetarians who can't eat nuts or soy'. That's so specific, you would run out of things to write about and your audience would be limited to that specific group of people. It also doesn't give you much room to expand.

Something in the middle of those could be ‘Desert Recipes for Vegetarians'. It's not overly broad, but it's not so specific that it would limit you.

I'm not recommending you do the health niche, it's just for example purposes. I would personally avoid the health niche for a number of reasons, but mostly because there are so many better niches for bloggers.

So, you know you need a niche that's not too broad and not too specific. What about some specific recommendations?

Here are the Top XXXX Niches for Bloggers in 2020

Fashion Blogs

One of the most searched for type of blog is the fashion blog. There are a ton of keywords you can rank for and you can easily expand your niche into other topics there are number of angles you could take to tackle the fashion niche.

Your blog could cover accessories, formal wear, specific styles or types of fashion, and a whole host of other topics. Blogs that deal with men's fashion are also very popular.

Part of what makes a fashion blog such a desirable choice is that there are many opportunities to make money from this type of blog.

Fashion brands these days almost can’t get enough advertisement space, and they actively seek out fashion bloggers to advertise with. There are opportunities to do sponsored posts, product reviews, or become an affiliate.

Personal Finance

The personal-finance niche is a highly lucrative one that bloggers have been in for a long time. Personal-finance appeals to audiences of all ages, backgrounds, and stages of life.

Some personal-finance blogs focus on things like being frugal, saving money, or being creative with credit card points. Other types of personal-finance blogs might deal with reducing or eliminating debt, saving for retirement, or budgeting.

There are some great ways to make money from a personal-finance blog. Personal-finance advertisers are known to spend a lot of money advertising on blogs specifically. You could partner with different credit card companies, or companies that help people invest money.
Personal-finance bloggers also make money by creating their own products. Some of them create a simple e-book that might contain their advice for getting out of debt. Other bloggers create entire course around a specific personal-finance topic. You don’t need to create your own product to do very well in the personal-finance niche, but it’s great that the opportunity is there.

Lifestyle Blogs

The lifestyle niche actually goes a little bit against the advice we gave you earlier specifically not to go into too broad of a niche. The lifestyle niche is a little bit of an exception.

The reason why this type of niche does well covering a number of topics is because it’s usually focused on an individual. Lifestyle blogs are typically written by a single author where the focus is on their own experiences with everything from parenthood to travel to personal crafts and almost anything in between.

Some lifestyle bloggers choose to go the more specific route. For example some might only talk about travel, where some others will only talk about parenting.

Lifestyle blogs have exploded in popularity in the last few years. As time goes on it will be harder to compete in this space, but anyone will be able to do well in this blog niche if they start out with a good plan.

Your strategy might be to pick a specific area of the lifestyle niche and write about that until your readership base gets built up, then slowly start expanding to cover additional topics that your readers would likely enjoy.


Traveling has always been popular but the niche has been growing at a rapid pace over the last several years. Part of this has to do with people being able to travel more, and also the explosion of travel related photos popping up on Instagram and Facebook.

The travel niche is great because it doesn’t only rely on the articles you write but also the photographs that you take. Travel is a visual niche since people obviously want to see different places they might want to visit.

List style posts do great on travel blogs because people like to quickly skim the contents and zero in on the part of the article that they are specifically interested in.

The travel niche gives you a number of ways to make money from your blog. You can incorporate affiliate marketing where you promote products that would be related to travel in some way. For example you might promote travel books, suitcases, or places to buy travel tickets.

You can also get offered discounted or free travel opportunities from destinations that want to get more exposure in advertising.

One good tip I can give you about about the travel niche is not to approach hotels or any other destination with the attitude that you deserve something for free just because you’re going to write about it on your blog. I’ve seen countless stories of travel bloggers  demanding free accommodations or travel with threat of leaving a bad review if they're refused. This is obviously not a great way to approach sponsors, so you can stand out by adopting a friendly cooperative approach if you choose to go this route.


Food blogs are a popular choice right now and the niche will continue to grow year after year. I mean, people are always going to eat right? It’s true the food blog niche is very competitive, but there's still a lot of opportunity to stand out and build a profitable blog.

This is a great example of a niche where not going too broad or too narrow is important. If you can find a specific topic that you can build a food blog around, you will likely build a loyal audience that comes back to your blog over and over.

That’s one of the benefits of going with a more specific niche. People will actively seek out the information you’ve written about because it’s not as widely available. For example, if someone had a specific food allergy or sensitivity, they'll have to seek out sites that specialize in that. It's easier to stand out by being a bit more specific compare compared to just a broad recipe niche site. Niches like this are great because your site can become the go to place for people that want information on that specific topic.

Gadgets, Smart Devices, and Automation

I’m lumping a few different niches together here, but they're all under the same basic niche area – technology. People love to read about specific gadgets, new gadgets that are coming out, new gadgets that will make their life easier, etc.

As technology improves, people will more and more be searching for so-called smart solutions for their home and life. We already have this with products like smart appliances, smart watches, and other tools that are designed to free our time from menial tasks. People like to read about these topics to stay on top of what’s available out there, and what's on the horizon.

Another niche in the technology category would be a topic like drones. This is something that up until recently wasn’t something the typical consumer could buy. Now you can buy everything from a cheap kids toy, all the way to professional drones for aerial photography and video.

People that are into drones, and similar types of electronics, are passionate about the topic. They love reading about new models that are coming out, different specs, or how to use their devices to the fullest potential.

Just like some of the other niches, there are multiple avenues you can take to monetize these niches. Companies will pay you for ad space, there are countless affiliate programs you can promote, and you could even make your own course like how to get into aerial photography.

Crafts and DIY Projects

Sewing, knitting, art projects, DIY decorating, the list could go on and on. The fact is DIY and crafts is a giant niche market and one that bloggers are making good of money from.

There's good volume with organic traffic and keywords to go after for SEO. There are also ample opportunities on platforms that are visual like Pinterest and Instagram.

I know of several bloggers in this niche that are doing very well selling their own products. Some of the products are as simple as a knitting pattern that someone can download. This is a niche that you can do very well in from your own products or opportunities like affiliate marketing or sponsor posts.

There you have it! Our list of blog niches to start with is perfect for anyone starting a blog for the first time, or just adding to your blogging empire.

All the niches here are popular, and will continue to be evergreen niches. In other words, these are a great choice to set yourself on the road to a successful long term blog.

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