APB Podcast Episode 3 – Charles Ngo

By February 18, 2014 10 Comments

In this episode of the Aff Playbook Podcast I interview Charles Ngo who is a well known affiliate and blogger. In addition to having a wealth of knowledge about affiliate marketing,Β  Charles loves sharing information about productivity and motivation. There is some great info shared in this episode!

Some of the books we mentioned:

The Power of Habit
The Art of Learning

Be sure to visit Charles on his blog at Charlesngo.com

Click here to download the transcript

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  • Jesse Krieger

    Nice interview, I’ve been following Charles’ blog for a few months and it keeps getting better and better. Thanks for doing this

    • AffPlaybook

      Glad you liked it! πŸ™‚

  • cholthon klingosum

    Definitely a great interview (on both the interviewer’s and interviewee’s part)! So insightful and packed with amazing information, always been a BIG fan of Charles and I feel like this interview was able to compile a majority of Mr. Ngo’s teachings and philosophy. That being said, is there possibly a transcription of some sort available? It’d be lovely and super duper useful to review at a later time.


    • AffPlaybook

      I was thinking about that earlier actually…great idea. I’ll work on that and post it when it’s done.

    • The transcription is now posted above πŸ™‚

  • Neil C

    You killed it.

  • iAmAttila

    Major respect to charles for doing this and sharing his experiences. I feel like hes a brother from another mother. Yea im not making a million per month just reached 1k profit days after 7 months of failing and learning but what he says about teams, methods and just doing it is exactly what i am doing and it really does work. Practice, getting up and trying again only makes us stronger.

    All the best

  • drngo

    Thanks everyone for listening to it and thanks to David for being a great interviewer.

    I’m going to listen to it and take some notes. I’m not happy with the amount of “umms” “likes” and “you knows” that came out of my mouth and it’s something I will definitely work on improving.

  • Royst

    Excellent – four books to read; the two above and “Drive” by Daniel Pink (listening to “A Whole New Mind” by him right now) and the “Willpower Instinct”. Take home messages – launch, test, refine; focus & use time better! No more baby sitting CPVLab watching it view by view πŸ™‚

  • Jonny

    Thanks guys, you really don’t have any idea how these Podcasts are important for us, the newbies, thanks David and Charles, good talking and good Advices.

    PD: The books look very interesting, thank you for Share πŸ™‚