Alpha Affiliates vs Beta Affiliates – Why Some Affiliates Suck

I am a big Chuck Palahniuk fan. Well, maybe not so much his last couple books but that’s a topic for another post on another blog. Many of you are familiar with the book or movie version of Fight Club. In the story, the narrator is basically working a dead end job, going through the motions of life until he meets Tyler Durden who is the exact opposite. Durden has no appreciation for ‘following the rules’ and basically does whatever he wants. I thought this was a good example of an alpha and beta male. But what is an alpha or beta affiliate?

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Free Traffic vs. Paid Traffic

Paid traffic is great and it’s the majority of what I do. I like the fact that you can test things quickly and control the amount of traffic you get somewhat. But what about ‘free’ traffic? Does it have any place in the serious affiliate marketer’s business plan?

First, I want to talk about the term ‘free traffic’. No traffic is free, you are either going to pay for it with money, or time. For the purposes of this post, I am referring to ‘free’ traffic as traffic which you are not paying money for (PPV, PPC, etc). So what is free traffic anyway? You can get traffic without paying for it from a number of sources;

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Shady as F#@!

We all know how shady affiliates can be…cloaking, spamming, flogs, etc. But what about CPA networks? Yeah we know about the shaving/scrubbing.. blah, blah…how else do affiliates and advertisers get screwed by CPA networks?

Networks are middlemen between the advertiser and affiliate. As a result, their goal is to get as much volume as possible. Often, this is at the expense of the advertiser, the affiliate, or both. I didn’t know a lot about this until I met people working on both sides and saw the big picture.  Now I see how they can afford the big parties.

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Affiliate or Guru – Who Banks Harder?

The grass is always greener, or so it would seem. This is especially true in affiliate marketing where people are always looking for the next best thing. Where do so called ‘guru’s fit into the picture though? Are they the ones raking in all the money while affiliates are slaving away at campaigns? A common analogy I often hear is something to the effect that there is more money in selling supplies to the gold miners than there is mining for gold yourself. I actually think this is a useless analogy in affiliate marketing.

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PPV Secrets From AdTech

Hmm..ok now I have to think of one!

Ad Tech is over and I am exhausted! I live pretty close to San Francisco so it was a short drive down. The exhibit hall was a lot bigger than Affiliate Summit and there were some pretty interesting companies to talk to. One thing that really stood out is how many booth’s gave no clear indication of what they actually did. Some I even stopped to read about and still wasn’t clear. These were more companies looking to help people with branding, etc but their marketing was pretty bad. If I had a booth (wasn’t that a Dr Seuss Book?) I would make it VERY clear what I did, and how it could benefit you in a way that people could understand in about 5 seconds.I did run into Matthew Lesko on the floor and got a cool pic.

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PPV Playbook Randomness

I apologize for not posting more! Between nearly 800 forum members, my own campaigns/projects, and getting ready for ad:tech I haven’t had much time for anything else. I will get back to regular posting after ad:tech for sure.

I just wanted to do a kind of random post on things I have been thinking about & working on.

Stuff Worth Mentioning

Even though I have never met or exchanged so much as an email with him, I have been a reader of Chad from CDF network’s since his blog started. He recently released a local lead generation guide which has a lot of people talking. Check it out here local lead plan

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Be Shady To Be Rich

I don’t think it’s a secret that many people really killing it on CPA offers are up to ‘no good’. See, when I first started out I was doing everything ‘by the book’ and while I was doing ok… I couldn’t figure out how these other affiliates were driving so much volume. I was grouping my adgroups right, making sure my keywords were relevant, and making the best landing pages I could yet other affiliates were SO far ahead of me.

What I of course learned is that most of the people driving tons of volume/sales on CPA offers are at least a little shady. This can be anything from a little misleading to outright fraud. I have the opportunity to look at the back end of a very large offer on a lot of CPA networks and I can’t believe the crap these high volume affiliates are doing.

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