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Build Projects that Scale Without Hiring a Team

Hey Everyone,
My all new Quick Wins Masterclass is now open for registration. It's focused on generating revenue as fast as possible. This isn't a slow and steady process, this is – make money right now.
Please read on for the details, it's really a unique class and you can be the first and only people to ever get this information.
What would I do if I needed to make money as FAST as possible?
Like, not worrying about long term stuff – just making money in the absolute fastest way I could?
Since the pandemic, I've got this question more and more. There are people out there who have lost their job, or their business and aren't in a position to wait around while they build a long term business.
Do I think going for quick wins in a bad idea? You might be surprised to hear that I don't.
I still think the overall goal should be to build a long term business, BUT – sometimes you need a quick influx of cash.
Going for a quick win is a good strategy for those hurting financially if you approach it the right way.
A quick win can also be used in other ways. Maybe you're doing ok but need more money to scale a project. A quick win gives you the needed capital to hire some VA's or outsource more content, etc.
It had been a while since I really sat down and brainstormed the fastest way to earn some revenue.
I had students asking about this more and more, but I didn't feel like I had the best answers.
I set out to answer one question:
Forget about long term/stable business – what if I needed money like RIGHT NOW?
It was difficult at first. I actually had to fight against myself trying to do something that was ‘long term'.
I learned a LOT during this time.
Some of the things that surprised me:
  • I found ways to use techniques I wrote off years ago because I thought they didn't work.
  • Techniques I thought didn't work anymore actually DO work great if you apply them correctly
  • Some of these things I thought were short term can actually be steady earners
  • There are a lot more ‘quick' ways to generate revenue that I realized
I also learned something maybe even more important than all that.
What I realized is – making money is fun and exciting + it gives you a lot of motivation to keep going.
Ok, I know you might be going ‘duh of course it's fun making money!‘ – pretty obvious right?
The big realization here for me is that short term wins are possibly the best way to motivate students to keep going.
Tell me which scenario sounds more appealing:
Scenario 1: I teach you something that will make a solid income, but you'll have to work on it for 6 months before you see the payoff.
Scenario 2: I teach you something that makes money super fast, keeping the overall goal of building a long term solid business.
How many of you chose scenario 1? …..(crickets…)
I'm sure most people would rather earn money sooner right?
There's always a tradeoff, but maybe not as much as you (or I) think.
In scenario 1, you know there's a good payoff but you have to stick it out while you're not making much. Let's use an arbitrary number of 6 months until you start earning some steady income.
In scenario 2, you could start making money in a few days. What's the catch?
Honestly, the biggest ‘problem' with this scenario is if you only use these techniques and never plan long term.
Think how much more motivated you would be if you earned money in a few days vs a few months?
I'm guessing most students would stay motivated to keep going if they could generate money that fast.
That motivation from the quick wins is all the fuel you need to keep going while you're also building for the future.
It might sound funny, but I've come to realize the best way to get students to build a long term business is to give them some quick wins and explain how it's part of a larger goal.
For the past year or so, I've heavily focused on building an arsenal of quick wins – projects that can make money right away.
These aren't hacks or tricks that will work for a week – they're real revenue generating projects you can do right now and in the future. If you want to make them a more passive income stream, you can easily incorporate them into longer term projects.
Announcing the Quick Win Masterclass
The Idea Behind the Class
This class has 1 goal – show you how to make money as fast as possible.
I don't mean months or years, I mean days or weeks.
This class is perfect for you if…
  • You're short on cash and you need money as fast as humanly possible
  • You want to learn step-by-step repeatable actions
  • You want to learn how to generate extra money when needed
  • You need money right away to scale another part of your business
This class isn't for you if:
  • You expect to make a million dollars in 2 days
  • You aren't willing to put in the effort
  • You don't want to take action

What's The Class About?

In the class, you'll learn to build several projects that can give you quick ways to start generating revenue. Each project can be done on it's own, but there are many techniques within each project you can use independently.
I like breaking things down into an easy to follow, step by step system. You won't be left guessing what to do – you'll have everything laid out for you. All you have to do is follow the instructions.
This class is going to teach new strategies you can implement right away to start generating revenue.
This is stuff you can do even if you're a beginner or have no money to invest. All it requires is you taking action.
Each project has the following benefits in common:
  • Step-by-step plans in an easy to follow system
  • There is no guesswork involved. You'll never be left thinking ‘ I doing this right?' or ‘What should I do next?'
  • The projects don't require a large budget
  • The projects are focused around monetization that pays out the fastest
Each project has different techniques you can use in different ways. Meaning, you'll learn many techniques and strategies within each project.
There are 3 Core modules/projects taught in the course. This course is video based, with some supplementary text material.
I don't want everyone doing this stuff – this is exclusive material for class participants. Because of that, I'm not going to provide a detailed syllabus but I can describe generally what you'll be doing.
Just to make this point again – In the course you'll see the entire process, so you can replicate it yourself. This won't just be some vague concepts – there are concrete examples showing exactly what to do.

Module 1 – Launch Lifting

Ok…remember years and YEARS ago you probably heard of ‘launch jacking'?
If you haven't heard of it, it's basically the practice of cashing in on the ‘hype' of a new product launch. You position yourself to use the increased traffic to the new product & promote your affiliate link.
This is old stuff, but people still do it. You'll hear about it a lot with digital marketing products.
I had a student ask about this a while ago, and I'm sure I answered with some ‘that's not a good long term strategy there sonny..' or something like that.
But that got me thinking…..was there any way I could do something similar but make it better, and make it work across any niche?
What I came up with is my new ‘favorite fun' way to make money. It's REALLY profitable, and can be done at scale. It's fast, easy, and there's endless possibilities.
You'll learn how to piggyback off the traffic and attention of new products and services to earn easy commissions – but you're not just going to promote that products affiliate link.
You'll learn multiple ways to monetize this traffic that doesn't even involve affiliate marketing. You'll also learn how to leverage your position to keep earning money with each one long after the launch is over.
This is something that's easy, repeatable, can be done by anyone, and doesn't cost anything.
You could easily make a (very good) full time living with just this one strategy.

Module 2 – Bundle & Resource Bonanza

Ok…I couldn't think of a good name for this module lol. However…
This is a super successful strategy that fits the Quick Win Masterclass perfectly. I know of someone who makes 6 figures profit/year with just this strategy.
In this module, you'll learn to take existing resources and package them into bundle deals. You'll discover how to repackage (without stealing or doing anything sketchy) existing resources and create a wide distribution strategy.
‘Resources' include WAY more than you could imagine. It's hard to sum up here, but this is a project you could successfully do in many different ways.
You'll learn to leverage existing audiences and let them ‘do the work' promoting things for you.
You can generate revenue right away, but what's even better is you'll get the money you earn right away. No waiting for affiliate networks to pay out – you'll have instant access to the cash.

Module 3 – AI Content Rapid Monetization

Unless you haven't turned on the computer, you've seen all the hype around AI. New technology has brought AI to the masses, and it's being used extensively across multiple industries and applications.
I know a few people who have written books and published books – with AI doing most of the writing! This module isn't about that though..
With this module, you'll learn how to create a mostly automated content production system (using AI), the fastest way to generate traffic to it, and the monetization methods that pay quickly.
It's not a push button system…but it's close. So much of this is automated that it can be launched fast.
Some of the monetization methods are not what you would expect! You'll discover little known programs and methods you can use to promote them (that you normally can't). Just learning these alone is worth the price of the course.
*Note – I'll show you how to generate AI content for free. Some may choose to use a paid tool, which saves a little time. There are so many tools out there, you can get one cheap. The price for one is around $50 (one time fee). Again – the paid tool is not required.
Questions and Answers:
How much budget do I need to get started? Do I need to spend money on any extra tools or traffic?
You could do every single project without spending any money. I'm serious – there is really nothing you absolutely have to spend money on to get these going.
I'll be talking about how to do these projects if you have a $0 budget. If you have a small budget, I'll also discuss some ways you could use that.
Will I make money and be profitable?
This is a really impossible to answer. Like any training I do, this is not a magic push button system. I know with 100% certainty that everything I teach in this class works, because I'm currently making money with it. You will make money if you are willing to put in the work,
Because this is a ‘quick win' class, it's natural to ask when you'll start making money.
What I can tell you is that I've had people make money in a few days with some of these strategies. Just to be clear – it doesn't mean they were making $10k/day in a few days – it means they were able to start generating $50, $100, $150, etc.
It's not a guarantee you'll make money in 2 days of course – there are way too many variables. The most important are how closely you follow the material, and if you ask for help and feedback along the way. The more you ask for help or feedback (you can email me whenever), the faster we'll get you generating income.
A quick win means the strategies are focused on making money sooner rather than later – with the goal of days to weeks instead of 6 months, etc.
So in summary, if you think ‘I should be making money in 1 day', then get disappointed if you aren't and stop putting in as much effort you probably won't be successful. If you think ‘I know I'll make money with these techniques if I keep at it', you will.
Is this for beginners or advanced markers?
This class is open to any level. The projects aren't very technical, so they are completely appropriate for beginners. They do have the potential to earn considerable money, so it's also appropriate for experienced marketers looking to build new income streams.
Do I get lifetime access to the material?
Absolutely! You'll have an exclusive members area you can access the material anytime.
What time will be webinars be?
The class is a mix of live webinar and video. The time hasn't been set, but they will be sometime during my normal waking hours (Pacific time). It's not totally essential that you attend the webinar. They will of course be recorded and posted right away, and you will have the opportunity to ask me questions in the members area.
Details and Registration
This class is limited to a very small number of people. This isn't the kind of information I want everyone having access to.
My aim is to keep the class small so we can utilize the strategies to their maximum potential.
I haven't set the exact number of seats I'm selling yet – but it will probably be 10-12. I don't know how fast this will sell out, so if you want to take the class please grab a spot ASAP.
Reminder – this course will not be part of any future sales or bundles. This is the ONLY chance you'll have to purchase it.
The class will start Tuesday June 15th. Some of the material you'll get instant access to, and some will be through live webinars that start that week.
The cost of the class is $697 which includes:
  • The complete Quick Wins Masterclass + live webinars with extended Q&A session
  • Project blueprints you can use and/or hand off to a VA
  • Lifetime access to the recordings
  • Lifetime access to the exclusive members discussion area where you can ask questions, and network with other students
  • Complete step-by-step ‘no guesswork involved' plans to follow
**This class is sold on a first come, first serve basis. Once it sells out, I will not be selling any more spots.
This class will NOT be part of any sales or bundles in the future. This is the only opportunity you'll have to purchase it.
I want this class to be exclusive to the small group of students who take advantage of this opportunity.**
I realize the cost may be a significant investment for some people, but if you're willing to put in the work you'll be able to quickly pay for the course through your earnings. What you'll learn will pay for itself many times over. 
By taking this opportunity to invest in yourself and your business, you'll gain valuable skills you can use to generate quick revenue now and anytime in the future.. 

Ready to sign up?

Again, this is sold on a first come first serve basis. My classes have a great reputation, and they tend to sell out quickly. Once spots are gone, there will be no way to take this class again.
Go here to sign up
As always, feel free to contact me with any questions 🙂
 I think you'll love the course, and I hope you put the skills to use right away to get some quick wins going. 
Please contact me if you have any questions, and I hope to see you in the class!
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