Does PPV Pop Traffic Still Work?

It seems like every other month there's a new hot traffic source grabbing all the attention. When that happens some other traffic source out there inevitably gets labeled as ‘dying'.

I can't tell you how many times I've heard new members to AFF Playbook ask, “Does PPV still work?” They tell us that the word on the street is that PPV is dead!

Well, we can confidently say it's still alive and kicking. It might not be as sexy as cloaking on traffic source XYZ. Or have the volume of Native, Mobile, Adwords etc. But you can still make a hell of a living off of PPV.

Just check out our latest success story.

This is a snippet from one of our members caseyxz who is absolutely crushing it on PPV traffic.

I've been running these campaigns for several months now. I'm sharing some of my stats today, to inspire those who are working hard:

Today's Revenue: $2882
Today's spend: $695
Today's Profit: $2187

Currently only Running on Desktop PPV traffic

I don't know about you but $2100/day sounds like a pretty good living to me.

So there you go, PPV is alive and well and ready to dish out the $$$ for those willing to learn.

Ready to join AFF Playbook and crush some PPV yourself? Read the rest of caseyxz's success story and get started on your own today.

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